Thursday, 21 June 2012

Brave David

Here's a link to an article about one of our clients, a young man called David. A very inspirational young man and family.

You Light Up My Life

The South-West tourist board have specifically asked me NOT to send through a photo of the beach today - stressing that it would not necessarily be great for business! Hey, it's not that bad - not quite what the doctor ordered (if you could find one today (see what I did there)), but there's a wave, and you know the saying, where there's a wave there's a will... something like that!
Today is Thursday, and that means it's 'forget to take guitar to school day'! Yep that's right every Thursday I pull up in the St. Minver School car park to discover better parents carrying their childs guitar into class. Silently cursing to myself, I reassure Fin that I'll go back and get his! This I did this morning, whereupon on my return I was treated to wake and shake and a bit of One Direction! "Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed" - well it lifted my spirits. What a great way to start the day, a bit of a dance and a sing along with Harry....and the other three, whatever they're called! St. Minver School has been the foundation and cornerstone of both our boys early years and it will be with great sadness when we drive out the gates for the last time in a couple of weeks time (guitar in hand).
What's to report? You'll be pleased to learn that we've taken away the wooden skate ramp from our back garden. On the face of it, Mission Impossible, but it proved to be not so bad. Just one of those jobs you put off. Pounds, fun and use per square inch without doubt the best investment we ever made some five years ago. It's fallen into holey, rotten, disrepair and had to go. Once broken into pieces, carried up 100 steps and loaded into the box trailer, I shuffled soil backwards and forwards over the now bare patch with a rake whilst Janey had a crack at cleaning the interior of the Chicken Coop. (one of those jobs you put off). Unoccupied for several months since Jalfrezi, Drummer, Nugget and Nora relocated to the neighbours small holding, this was indeed a nasty business. I can look very busy when I need to! After listening to lots of tutting, huffing and blowing the wooden house down I decided I'd better wade in and offer assistance. "I'd stick some gloves on if I was you." I was only trying to help! Anyway once I'd removed the glove from my personage it didn't take long to have the coup looking spic and span. Off to the tip to unload, we encounter Mr. Grumpster and his team of grumpees who seem to be on permanent tea break (unless you're blonde and female). Which is fine with me as the General Waste Skip is so much quicker to fill when they're not watching! (Environmentalists please note - that's just my little joke! well... kinda..)
Thanks very much for all the top tips re. my achilles. Sounds like a bit of eccentric exercises will be the go. Just going to get through the Dartmoor Classic this weekend before embarking on any new regime. Oh and you may recount that I said that we'd put in four different offers in as many different houses, and all were rejected. Would you believe that every single one has come back since that time and asked if we'd still be interested at our original offer price. Too late - we're very happy with our find and hoping to wrap it all up very soon. And then we'll go back and have a chat with the Lloyds 'Whatever' TSB bank manager - we'd like to bring him up to date and then take our business elsewhere as loyalty seems to count for zilch.

So this is not a photo of today - but one from last week. And there's our (my) dog, Libby enjoying a splishy splash. I think you'll find that is the bridlepath she's walking on (local curtain twitcher - please note).
Beach business - er..... oh yes, if you want some surf lessons that's what we do. Please give us a call on 07760 126225! That should cover it.
Don't forget now - you light up my world like nobody else....
Pete 'Nana nana nana' Craske

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wet Feet

Here we go - a little snap from yesterday morning! How things can change in a matter of hours. A storm came in and knocked out the power in the village. Kaput! Nothing! No phone, no mobile, no internet, no power - no espresso! Taken out presumably by a fierce strike from the heavens above. And it was all going so well - 3ft, light offshore. Ho hum.
Today we have a bit of a repeat. Surf's okay, but once again we have dampness in the air. I can't remember a year quite like it - re. up and down weather. The surf's followed a similar pattern. But here's the rub, if you work on the law of averages, then the summer's going to be a stonker. With only a week to go before the nights start to draw in, let's hope we turn that corner sooner rather than later. 
Whitsun was a perfect example of the changeable weather. From the sublime to the ridiculous. From the busiest day in Polzeath I've ever seen (Monday) to desertion a few days later. Never mind, Whitsun showed really positive signs. The spondoolies come out to play when the sun does likewise.
I have to confess to being a bit of a wuss when it comes to storms. I love the thought of a biggun. But when it's upon and overhead, I'm deep beneath the blankets. Something unfortunately I couldn't be last Monday when cycling near Newton Abbott. I took refuge from the deluge under a tree.... until the first and loudest clap of thunder, at which point I was a bit stuck. Stand away from the tree and take it like a man, or stay under the tree and take it like a idiot? Remounting the bike was not an option. I am here to tell the tale, but I think that's because I resorted to shouting at the offending cloud, "Come on then you big black cloud, show me what you've you've got!!" It did, and I cried. You can do that sort of thing when there's no-one around. A few miles onwards and the village high streets were a foot deep in rain water. Back inside, I rang Janey to see how she was getting on back in Polzeath and it was all suncream and bikinis! Humph.
Our duel existence, part Polzy, part Ivybridge is starting to take on some form of routine. We put an offer two weeks ago on a property that's been accepted - the fourth offer on as many different houses. Some sellers are being very unrealistic (they probably said the same about us!). We toddled off to Lloyds and C&G, to raise the required, who've had our accounts since, well, since they last had any money. "Computer says No!" "Really, on what basis?" Turns out that dividends don't count! No worries Lloyds will meet the shortfall. "Computer says No!" "Really?" Our accounts are healthy - again, dividends, company profits and assets don't count no more. I said to the bank manager over the phone what I had to say clearly and slowly so as to avoid any confusion, to which he replied, I tell no lie, "Whatever!" Grrr. Anyway, to cut the story short, Mr. Mortgage Broker sorts it out, no worries, easy peasy. But it was our first face to face with the reality of this recession. Whitsun spending from holiday makers, did not reflect a downturn, but the banks are mighty squeeky bottomed.
Janey's up in Ivy today, I'm back at the coal face.... generally doing..... 'stuff'! I have to admit to being a bit down recently (altogether now) ... I've had this niggling achilles injury that just will not go away. Tough one because what I really need to do is sit with my feet up and do nothing (yes Janey) but with the Empire to run that's not going to happen. I've had these special insoles fitted which are helping, I think. Not very cool though. Me and my special shoes! I wonder if there's such a thing as a leg scan, that would be the go. Anyway, walking down to check out the surf line-up yesterday and not be able to go in and catch a few..... it's a right tease. Doesn't stop me from cycling though and with the Dartmoor Classic only 12 days away I'll be good to go. Having lost the best part of 38 pounds from grinding out some miles over the past few months the climbs have become a good deal easier - I feel energised about that. If you see me limping (not mincing) now you'll know why. But enough about me, let's talk about you! Thanks for all your caption competition entries - still sifting and will announce winners next week. Mine was the funniest, lol!
Here's a story before I forget - when returning from Ivy earlier in the week there was a multiple pile up on the Tamar Bridge. Five cars all stacked up like sardines, no one hurt but all the drivers and passengers still sitting enveloped with airbags. Police on the scene. I told this to a friend and he recounted an accident he'd had a few years ago. He hit a car side on, they did a pirouette together. Cars came to a halt. Quick head to toe check for injuries - all clear. Big sigh of relief. Then the air bag goes off and breaks his nose! I laughed a lot at that story. Does that make me sick?
The business end - not much to say, except that we have a few places left on the Duke of Edinburgh Residential five day course from the 15th July. Erm..... I'm sure there's other 'stuff' but I'll be damned if I can remember. Good job I don't run an Empire and people are counting on me.... oh I do..... and they are! Best get on then.