Wednesday, 5 June 2013

As good as it gets

It's amazing how quickly you forget! What a summer!! Today Polzy is as good as it gets. Overhead, light offshore breeze, blazing sun... set to stay the same through the day. Sweet as. Drop everything. Come on down and join the party.

This is a fly-by. Whitsun bank holiday week was busy. Lots of waves and burnt shoulders. Oh and myself and the boys caught some fishies. Much excitement as we hauled in a biggun, our first fish that wasn't a mackerel! A Pollock! As Findog fought the good fight to bring her aboard, "Stop!" I shouted. "Stop!" The boys looked puzzled. "Just let the line out a bit!" Was I about to embellish them with advanced fishing techniques? No, one of the empty hooks on the line had attached itself to my ear! Yep, that's the standard of fishing expertise in our boat!! In summary, fish were tasty, ear is sound.