Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sad, sad day!

On Tuesday we heard the devastating news that local girl Jess Solley had passed away at the tender age of 22.  

We've known Jess for many years, only in passing at first, but then as she moved up into secondary school she learned to surf with us and subsequently went on to do her work experience at Surf's Up! - we came to know her well. She was very much part of the local social scene. A couple of years ago she went away travelling. On her return, whilst making our morning Latte from behind the counter at the Cone Zone, she'd speak animatedly about the adventures she'd had. In more recent times she developed a fantastic friendship with Polly, 
a key member of our team. Through this friendship she became a regular face around Surf's Up! - in fact, it was only last week that I into them both in the Jacuzzi at Roserrow - they were laughing and joking as always. 

Jess was great. Funny, pretty, quiet, athletic, calm, considerate and kind - the perfect example of how you'd want your own daughter to turn out. She had a smile for everyone. In the end, however, it was to be this outwardly contented persona that disguised a secret inner turmoil that led her to make a decision too weighty and final for any of us to comprehend. It is too tragic, and my words cannot begin to do the turn of events, justice. If we could turn the clock back for Jess, we surely would. If we were granted that one chance to turn back time and help clear the fog that prevented her from seeing the bright future laid out before her and from seeing the unlimited love and support from those around her, then we would surely grab it with both hands. Our love and thoughts go to her family and friends who in life did her so proud. We're all poorer from the loss of Jess.