Saturday, 31 October 2009

Beach House Winter Getaway bargains

Thought I'd throw this out - there are a few weekends up for grabs at the Beach House this winter. The very special deal is exclusive use for £500 - that's up to ten of your friends and family staying right on the beach. And we can sort out lessons or hire - whatever you want for your visit. Keys can be picked up anytime on the Friday, with a check out anytime Sunday. Give us a call if fancy it.

The beach is emptying as the half term comes to an end. But what a half term! I'm off to Minehead now - got to register for the Exmoor Beast later today for the event tomorrow. Going to stay the night in Taunton - 5.30am start. Forecast looks quite brutal! Very wet and windy up on the Moor - nice!

Friday, 30 October 2009

All's well that ends well

Andy made it! He's a rock that boy - despite spending most of the day looking down the neck of the porcelain bowl, he was able to drag himself onto the stage. And all was well. It was good night. Proceeded by a good fun surf comp - the Big Wig. A low key affair with ten teams - the surf couldn't have been more perfect. 2ft glass - perfect for the swellies.

Last year we had one person booked in for the 10am today! This year we had 30! that makes a difference. What a great advert it's been for Polzeath this half term. Lots going home tomorrow.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


We had a band practice on Monday night, the likes of which we've never had before!! It's quite possible that every song, we played better than we'd ever played in our ten year history. For some reason we all turned up in the 'zone' - it was straight through without having to go over any or discuss one or two tweaks. There were a few knowingly glances between band members as if to say "hey, this is going much too well!" We left clearly the hall clearly pumped and looking forward to the gig tonight.

But nothing's ever that easy. Our bass player has been throwing up all night and it's doubtful whether he can muster himself out of bed and up to Polzy from Hayle in time for tonight's end of season gig!! This is a huge dilemma! Do we cancel, try and find a replacement or see if he feels better? What we do know with Grattman is that if he can make it he will! I think we'll hang on in there and hope we can prop him up on stage. Adrenalin can normally get you through these things.

The beach continues to be busy. It's been an amazing end to the official season. With warm weather and superb surf, holiday makers have been down in huge numbers enjoying the best of what Cornwall has to offer.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


This is the first time in 4 years I've been on the beach for the October half term. France with the Boardriders has been the go and I have to say that I've missed not getting on the Ferry with the crew. Good job I'm here though as the pumping surf and sunny skies has brought everyone to Cornwall. It's bonus time! I even had to teach twice yesterday and Janey had to man the shop!