Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Have I said before how much of a disregard I have for Unions?! Yes, I believe I have! So every time that ridiculous body of do-gooders Unite pull stunts like the one with BA, my blood boils! Yes, the threat of strike will certainly focus the mind of the Directors and bring a resolve perhaps a bit quicker. But at what cost? If I had a flight booked this Christmas, I'd be on the phone changing my airline right now.

Running a business in this country is difficult. The government certainly doesn't encourage it. Taxes in particular are incredibly negative. VAT for the surf school is a straight tax - nothing to write against it. You should see the figure we have to pay out in holiday pay. I've got no problem with our longer term staff, but temporary staff who pass through for 5 / 6 weeks! And legislation has become more and more ridiculous. If you deal with kids, as we do, well there's a minefield right there. CRB's are a complete waste of time and money. They take ages to process and you need one for every activity you want to teach!? Where's the sense? The old central system was much, much better. But hey ho, what do we know - this will be my 18th year and Janey's 21st year teaching surfing! Still young at heart! 

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!!! A huge hero of mine - oh dear, all gone a bit pear shaped. I went up to Wentworth a couple of years ago with Stuart (from the Cone Zone) to watch him in the matchplay. He was in a big sulky mood and lost his match. What's the expression?... never met your heros? Well okay we didn't actually meet him, but we were close enough to mop his brow! 

Christmas prep is coming along nicely. Billy (10) and Fin (6) - that's a good age for festivities. The tree is up, the pressies are all in hand, turkey ordered. For once we may well be on top of the game! Family are starting to arrive - yep, got a good feeling about this one! 

Ebay - not much left to sell! All the stuff that isn't used has gone. Done really well. The only thing is I'm a rubbish packer! my mind doesn't work that way! Especially with the bigger stuff. It's real ordeal!

Off to meet my mate Nick for a bike ride. He likes pain!