Friday, 4 May 2012


The sky was on fire last night! It's been a while since I've been able to get a decent shot with all this rain. I think we're happy with this one.
Okay, we've got a lot to get through, grab yourself a Latte, hobnob and chair and we'll crack on. In no particular order...If you're coming down this weekend for the Bank Holiday and you're one of the first five people to go up to the trailer and ask the following question to the person on bookings, "Have Ginsters been repairing all the pot holes in this village?" (If they're going to be repaired how about making them nice and flat, rather than crimped along the edges! Grrrr - no good for my bike.).... we'll throw in some free board hire for you (as long as you've either booked or are booking a lesson). And if you go to the shop and tell Sarah, "My pockets are lined with the hair of a Camels Hump",she'll give you a 10% discount off Surf's Up! stock. (Don't forget we now have a full compliment of Finisterre gear in store).

Just a few dates left for the Beach House (sleeps ten right on the sand), as follows - 20th May - 25th May, 25th May - 1st June, 24th June - 27th June, 8th July - 13th July (that last one's just this minute become available). If any of those dates work for you, then please give Rach a shout (07760 126225). The Duke of Edinburgh residential courses are proving very popular this year - staying in our flat with loads of surfing. Sweet - only a few dates left for those.

If you're 17 or under then you can go for Gold with the Junior Surfing Scheme logbooks. Keeping with the theme of Olympic year, there are three awards - Gold, Silver and Bronze - log your surfing progress, a great guide as to where you are with your surfing and what's next to work on. Free when enrolled onto either the Weekender or the Developer Courses.

The fast track booking system is working a treat. Book your lessons in advance, complete all the paperwork and payment before you head down and you won't be hanging on waiting for others to complete their's. That's working really well.
I think we're there. Bit more of a business theme today - I have kids to feed. Oh and have I mentioned that I'm on a diet! No? Lost two stone as it goes and feeling 100% beef cake. I drew on some advice given to me by my old school 1st XV rugby coach, Kiwi Lin Adams. After a match that we should have won, he sat all fifteen of us down in the changing room and gave us the Ferguson hairdryer treatment. "Two words," he screamed. "Two words I told you to focus on before you went onto the field. Do you remember what they were?" (rhetorical)... silence. "Disci........pline!" We waited for the second word. But no, that was it - he thought Discipline was two words. I'm not sure what colour comes after purple when suppressing deep mirth, but I was it! Anyway, 'disci....pline' has been the go. For the past two months, no chocolate and no processed sugar, and regular outings on my road bike (please see: road crimping by Ginsters). As I say, 100% beefcake now! (Where's my belly gone? Where's my belly gone? Far, far away! I sing that all the time at home, drives the family nuts.) 
Congratulations to Max Payne (report to follow) for doing amazingly at the Junior World Surf Champs in Panama. We have 160 local kids now training after-school to follow in his footsteps.
That's it. Hope to see you this weekend. If not, have a great break and we'll catch up soon.