Friday, 10 August 2012

Slip, slap, slop

This is how we like it - early morning and it already feels hot, hot, hot! Surf today - like my missus, small but fun!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Quick Catch Up

No need to put in the long hours to enjoy the adoration of thousands on the road side, cheering and urging me on my way. I've had my Olympic moment. It was Saturday evening. I'd cycled up to Bude and was returning on the coast road, always a good challenge up the steep slopes of Millook, Crackington, Boscastle and onto Tintagel. As I approached Tintagel, a fire engine blocked my passage. Two Spanish firemen manning the pump, Hose A and Hose B, laughed "If you want to go through you'll have to pretend to be Bradley Wiggins!" Yes, yes, yes, very funny. It was the Tintagel Carnival and I'd caught up with the back end - floats, junior brass band, Salsa dancers, and men dressed as women. I was on a mission and in no mood to wait. To turn back and seek an alternative route was not an option... so playing the part of Bradley Wiggins sans lamb chop burns, I decided, was my best option for onward progress. I took my place in the line-up. What I hadn't anticipated as I turned the corner and down the main stretch was neither the popularity of this carnival nor the loud speaker system that announced my imminent arrival. To chants and cheers from the exciteable crowd of "Wiggo, Wiggo" I waved and played my part. Hilarious... I chuckled all the way home. I later found out that the judges had awarded me second prize in the french horn section of the junior brass band category - that's tight lycra and a cold front for you! I've been doing so much cycling recently that Janey 'the broomwagon' reckons I'm turning into a cyclepath! (You can have that one).
Photo courtesy of Matt Harbour - keep your best snaps coming... to
Back to the beach, what's up? Well..... in summary, it's been a nice, busy. About five years ago, Polzeath was over crowded - difficult to park; to get accommodation; to find space for a base on the beach or in the surf; to get a bite to eat - all a stress for visitors. What we have now, as a result probably of that period putting visitors off, the struggling economy, the weather and the OIympics, is a fluid busy that everyone can enjoy. There's space and it's a good thing. Those that are here are getting the best of it, no question. There's a really nice relaxed feel about the village, less manic than it used to be. As a business you might expect us to say that this is a bad thing. But this is our home and we too want to enjoy the beach, particularly as our boys get older and more independent. Take yesterday, I went surfing with my boys (and their cousins) at midday - 2ft super clean, low tide - plenty of space, none of that jostling for a set wave. A real joy. Makes a difference at the surf school too - both clients and instructors buzzing, well done Wailo and team. Lots of good feedback, everyone's a winner. Lots of good feedback too about the shop stock - well done Sarah.

Local ripper Danny Runnalls bashing solid swell last Friday night, Polzeath high tide.  

While I'm on the subject of holidays, Janey has asked me to let you know that we have two dates available for our flat in Trenant Close (a five min walk to the beach) - Sunday 12th August for 5 nights and Friday 24th for 7 nights. If you're keen for a last minute break then give us a shout on 07760 126225 - sleeps up to ten (we'd rather less), bunk beds, views to Stepper.
Trenant flat - you can see the sea, tickle the ivories and everyfink!
We're making a short London fly-by to catch the triathlon and football semis tomorrow (my mate went to watch GB v Korea and sent me a text after we went out on penalties .... "it's just dawned on 71,000 people leaving the Millenium stadium that they'd have been better staying at home and watching the athletics on the telly!" - that was Super Saturday, what a night, what a night!). Anyway I can't wait. Have loved every second of this Olympics. Awesome.
Surf today - 2ft, light onshore - great for beginners and improvers!