Saturday, 28 August 2010

The rabble return

Janey took the boys off for a week to St. Ives - I managed to get down there a couple of times. Whilst they were away, I decided to paint and clean the house. Fourteen bin bags and a lot of emulsion the house is / was looking spic and span. Both my Mum and Dad took turns to come around and help. Oh, I say is/ was because the boys are now back and it took about 5 mins to restore normal order and turn the place into a chaotic mess!

Few things I found out whilst they were away. Esmie, one of two cats doesn't like me. She left as soon as they went and has yet to return. Libby, our black lab also much prefers it with the boys around - she's been very sulky indeed! And Frankie, the other cat is very lazy and is happy as long as there's food!

An old school mate is down. He does Ironman comps for fun (!) and likes to get up early to train! So I've been leaving the house at 6.45 each morning to meet him for a blast on the road bikes. Getting used to it now - great way to start the day. We cycled up Burlawn Hill yesterday, which is 28 degrees, very steep indeed! I think there should be a badge waiting at the top! Jim's just come back from the Alps, so I've been practicing my slip streaming!

So this is it, the bank holiday weekend. Wish us luck! See you on the other side.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Congrats to Big Dave

Congrats to David and Samantha Cameron on the birth of their little baby girl. Two points of interest - 1, they're staying just down the road with friends. 2, their baby girl was born down at Treliske in Truro, where our two boys were born. I hope they get better care than we did when Billy was born! It really was pretty poor. Billy was born with a broken collar bone, which they think happened during delivery. As a reaction he got jaundice and that meant that both he and Janey remained in hospital for ten days. The 'care' was non existent which was a shame really.

It was a far cry from the experience we had on two subsequent visits, the first when Fin was born. They were really good then, maybe we were a bit smarter to. And then Billy got a virus that the Doc thought was Meningitis. They don't hang about when that's diagnosed - straight to hospital to be met at the door by the Paediatric team. That was impressive stuff.

Sun's out - busy on the beach. Busier than last year as it goes!