Friday, 12 August 2011

2012 Calendars - just in

A few snaps that we've taken of Polzeath assembled on an A3 format calendar, yes A3 - really pleased with it. Limited run of 500! Sweet - available through the on-line shop from .... now! £12!

Online Store

It's a big job, but it's starting to come together. We've got some great stock in the shop at the minute (thanks Sarah) but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to putting it all up on our online shop.I made a start yesterday with the help of Nephew Jordan who's been updating on the Mac. It's beginning to take shape. Reckon we'll have it nailed in a few days.

Thanks to Billyman and Fin and their cousins Charlie, Alice and Jamie who flew in especially all the way from Hong Kong to do their photos!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Take Action

Loving the vigilantes defending their own communities. Good on 'em. The yoofs have shown themselves to be ignorant and stupid. Looting Lidl's? Honestly! Waitrose or the Marks and Sparks Food hall, now that I could understand!

Surf today? Like my wife, small but perfectly formed!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Let's just take a moment....

We may be a long way from the city, but our thoughts are with the families and businesses affected by the mindless violence last night. I watched Sky News until the early hours of the morning, stunned, like most people no doubt at what was unfolding.

Hats off to the lady in the red coat sat at the bus stop, sitting patiently for the number 42 whilst all around was carnage. You wait for a bus and then....... none come along! Hm, I blame the glaziers - they started it.

If you've read The Master Strategist (I recommend it) Mr. Patel discusses that this age we live in is the tipping point, where the best of everything can be the worst of everything. Developments in communication, warfare, medicine, technology, transport etc - can all have very positive effects on our lives but at the same time can be very destructive. Social networks, blueberries etc can bring a swift call to arms - and that is very dangerous, particularly in the hands of a disenfranchised youth. The other side, is we can all take photos of the hooligans on the mobile phones and give them to the police.