Thursday, 29 November 2012

Heffer gone head to head with a cow

Ever had a moo cow go all Michael Flately on you! I have. Last week. A nasty business indeed. Nose to nose we were as it's front and back legs did a merry dance! I thought they were all big eyes and full of the white drinky stuff. Turns out they can be a bit spikey when pushed. I was on my bike, giving my black Lab, Libby a work out ... Libby likes cows (although she could never eat a whole one), happy as Larry to walk right on by or in this case through a pack of Moos, and Moos like her too. Often it'll end up in a bit of reciprocal nose sniffing. No trouble. Sheep? That's different altogether, that's a lead job right there. But then sheep are stupid. Anyway, on this occasion the assembled pack of twenty grass eaters, parted like the Red Sea as we retraced the last couple of miles of the Two Moors Way. It was all going swimmingly until we encountered the last big heffer. A right biggun. It wasn't a horny beast but I had to make a quick visual of it's undercarriage for fear it was actually a bull sans horns! Calf in tow it took exception to our presence. Got right frisky it did. Libby was alright, she sensed the danger and ran away, but the big heffer looked me in the eye, dug it's hoofs into the muddy walkway, snorted (ever been spat at by a Llama? I have! That too is a nasty business but provides much hilarity both during afterwards for young kids) and charged straight at me. Rabbit in headlights I closed my eyes and braced for the impact. But there was none. I opened one eye! There it was, one big mad cow, front legs bent, back legs braced, about an inch from my front wheel. It's moist black nose all a huff and a puff! I've never dismounted a bike so fast, or run down a hill like a big girl, as realistically, before! If the moo had set the scene of Riverdance, I was providing the big finale. Shaken but not stirred (ps I love Skyfall). 

Apart from that one ocassion, you'll be pleased to learn that my bottom is nice and firm. I put it all down to Pilates. At 6ft 2 and with a poor hearing (!) I find I've taken to stooping. I don't want to get any lower so I've embarked on some sessions, which I find really beneficial. It's not just the bottom that feels the benefit, it's an all over tightness that's pleasing. The instructor's really good, pushes us hard. I can't help but observe that she's got great big lips. I thought I was going to have to slide her off sideways last week when she got stuck in the Down Dog! 

The weather has been playing havoc on the beach. The hurricanes in the USA have been sending through substantial surf, as big as I can remember. Tales of snapped boards and big wipe-outs are the go. And the rain last week, flooded the Valley Caravan Park and the stream cut a 3ft deep meander through the car park. Quite a mess. Oh and we had a big tide that came right over the road a couple of weeks ago.... it's all been going on.

The Surf's Up! 2013 Calendar is on the press as we speak (limited edition of only 200 this year)... you can pre-order on 07760 126225. Some of our favourite photos (like the one above) of Polzeath taken throughout the year assembled in a desk top format. Looks really great, we're pleased with it. Would make a nice Chrissie pressie. I always think the surf lesson vouchers are the go for Chrissie pressies, something a bit different - three to choose from depending on budget. They're available from our on line shop on the gift page along with our hoodies and lots of other great pressie ideas.

And the Beach House is still available over Christmas. If you fancy turkey with all the trimmings and then a walk on the sand, there's no better place....Christmas tree with baubles included! If asked nicely, Wailin plays a mean Santa. 07760 126225 or email us to discuss further. Sleeps ten.

Right, just a quick fly-by. It's 5am, couldn't sleep. Tried not to wake Janey but tripped over my shoes! I'm sure I'll be hearing about that shortly! I'll take her up a nice mug of tea in a minute!

ps shall we have a competition? Shall we? Why not? Okay, we're looking for a surfy Christmas card design.... with some reference to Surf's Up!. I know it's quite late but I reckon we can nail this. Send in your best effort (via email) by the 7th December and if we choose your design you'll win a Developer Course ie a weeks worth of surf lessons. Got your pen and paper ready.... on your marks....