Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's never easy

We had a meeting with Tim Martin last week - he owns one of the largest companies in the UK. He's someone who we have a huge amount of respect for and as business owners we hang on his every word. When someone's been there and done it, you know that they will have had experiences both positive and negative well beyond our own, so when they speak, you listen.

He recalled a story - the moral of the story of which was that if you own a business, you have problems. It goes with the territory. That's why we love it - the variety, the constant challenge, no two days the same. It's a rollercoaster. Forget the fact that we live on the beach etc and the lifestyle is fantastic, we face the same challenges as all other small businesses around the country .... okay the view is good. Please stop feeling sorry for us!

Bit frazzled this morning as I phoned Pipex to query a bill. Turns out Janey is the account holder and they wouldn't speak to me. Frustrating and will have to wait until later. Not that interesting I know. Sorry, slow news day!

Friday, 21 August 2009

A British Summer Holiday

Duncan Ballantyne, from Dragons Den fame is about to bring a load of under-privileged kids for a surf lesson in a minute. It's to be filmed for his new programme about holidays in Britain. But it's pouring with rain, seriously pouring! Not sure it'll look that good on the big screen! At least it's a good advert for an activity you can do, rain or shine! Mikey's going to take the session.

The Money Shot

I didn't quite get it! But someone would have. On the top of the hill overlooking Fowey, we were camped out at the official Red Arrows watching site. Just behind us, was Red Arrows number 10 giving us a commentary. The scene was set for an awesome display. The boys were frothing. And then as we were given the 30 second countdown the heaven's opened!! It poured. The show continued, it was wet, but amazing. Down the valleys, through the valleys, up the estuary, the planes were coming from everywhere, first in formation and then man on man racing towards each other at top speed.

The skies started to clear leaving the most perfect, brightest, most complete rainbow, stretching out across Fowey and touching both sides of the river. That alone would have been enough as we stood watching from our lofty position. And then it happened. From out of the gloom beyond the rainbow we saw the lights as the Red Arrows approached. They flew straight through the rainbow and then banked with the blue red and white smoke trailing from their tails right in front of us. It was truly memorable.

Someone would have got the shot. I only had my mobile with a poxy 2mp's to catch the moment. But expect to see the money shot in the Red Arrow promo shots from here on in.
This is my rubbish mobile phone photo! This is not the money shot!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Swell Stealth

Swell Stealth

A one off, made in celebration of the fact that Swell have been making boards for 25 years! This is custom made to my spec!! 8 ft, old shape, narrower at the tail and less volume on the nose. We're looking at a three fin set up - it should be absolutely awesome. And the black is a new type of material. Looks wicked. Can't wait to give her a go!

A big up to Polly who led the shop for a record day on Monday! Came as quite a surprise as it's normally busier at the end of the week. Pleased to report that August is officially busier than last year, so far!

This morning I went and helped Kevin on the 8am lesson. He's really come on. Last year we knew he was good but he just lacked a bit of consistency. This year, with a bit more experience under his belt, he's proved he's got real strength and gets a lot of positive feedback. Nice relaxed manner, the clients have really warmed to him. Alex too, he's been good from the start, and had some great feedback today. Always nice to hear at this time of year when the seasonal staff can see the end is in sight.

Staff party organised for the Tuesday, 1st September. We're anticipating that it will go quiet after that as schools go back early. We've having a BBQ on the Beach House decking, Cowboy fancy dress theme and we've hired a rodeo bull machine for the night! Should be fun!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Swine Flu?

Well I thought I had it. I asked Janey to stroke my head and sing sweet tunes to me. But in the end I had to man up as the Surf's Up! mantra dictates. I was up all Saturday night and it took a good deal of resilience to get to the beach to open up the following morning. On the plus side, I have lost a lot of weight in a short space of time. And I did get to watch Usain and Jessica Ennis. Awesome.