Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lovely day - 3ft on the sets, offshore breeze. Keeping everyone on the beach happy as Larry.

My mate Simon came down to visit - he's been staying with us for a few days. Not used to all the mod cons down here - he stands there for ages switching the lights on and off, on and off. Bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he returns home. He's from Newcastle!! We worked with him up at Bude, before he set off to Falmouth to do a film making course. This led him to doing various stuff all over the world filming extreme events and then closer to home working for Sky behind the cameras at the Premier League games. His love, though, has always been with the mountains.

We chatted about his new ski chalet business that he's set up - sounds exciting.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Oxbow XPY

Okay I have the full lowdown on the weekend competition now with the Surf's Up! elite crew - this is the team of riders that we train. Report from JP.

"The Oakley XPY is the biggest Junior event of the year, and had loads on offer - very big cash prizes and final ranking points.

Max and Liam both reached the Quarters of the under 16, and then both reached the final of the under 12s.

For the under 12s this was the UK tour finale, deciding the champion for 2010. In a fantastic final Max finished second and Liam fourth, unfortunately unable to contain Harry de Roth who took the title and the Championship. Max finished second overall for 2010.

Harry Timson took fourth in the under 16s, in another emotionally charged final where, in the dying seconds he and Jobe Harris crashed into each other, taking them both out of the comp with a double interference (and broken boards!)."

Congratulations to all the team who've produced some spectacular results this year - the majority of whom still have at least one more year in the same age division next year.

Great results from Volcom

Big Volcom comp weekend before last - Check this out, our three Surf's Up! Elite Riders in the under 15 category, results as follows - Harry 1st, Max 2nd and Liam 4th. And then Gabi took first place in the Open category. A stunning performance from the team. Nice one. There was a comp yesterday as well - haven't got the full report yet - will come back to you.

Here's Max on his way to 2nd place - great result.

Billy's 11th birthday yesterday - started with the first league footie match of the season! They've stepped up to the full size pitch. Not their finest hour, but they managed to retain their 37 match unbeaten record with a 2-1 win over Helston. One hour of running around on that then a bike ride on the Bissoe trail and then around Falmouth (he got a road bike for his birthday) - then dinner at Pizza Express - it was a fantastic day. But here's the thing when we got back home we realised that it'd gone very quiet. Normally this would mean that the boys are on the computer. But no! Further investigation led to them both tucked up in bed - they'd had it. Not a word, just gone to bed. First time ever!