Saturday, 14 November 2009

Get to the beach - Quik!

It's a mass of frothing white water - it's beautiful, but not really great for paddling out! Good job it's a small tide or we'd all be moving up the hill! Apparently Falmouth Bay is cooking - and let's face it, that's not an everyday occurrence.

Toby at Harlyn - photo courtesy of Nick at 360photography
The Quiksilver Team rider weekend at the Beach House was a resounding success! Kelly put the team through their paces - at Harlyn and Praa Sands. We're hoping that this will become a regular event.
Inside Spencer's camper.
We say goodbye to Kelly as he heads back to NZ for the winter. He'll be back for Easter. He's done an amazing job with the elite squad this year and is without question the hottest coach in the UK. Everyone wants to get on board the programme, so we're looking at widening the area to include Newquay and somewhere between here and Wales. We're going to make sure that he's mobile so that those in and around the GB team can benefit.

Friday marked a new beginning for Surf's Up! - we had a long meeting with the team. It's the first time in 15 years that we can actually have a year of consolidation. With the surf school, training rooms, new office, shop, Boardriders and Elite all in good shape - we've pretty well put ourselves where we want to be. And now we can focus on all those projects and make each and every part of the business amazing. So there's a good buzz looking to 2010. We're already much more focused than we normally would be at this time. The team took away their new 'bibles' and weekly meetings will see us take huge leaps this winter. Lots of working together in the office and we're also working on a lot of new incentives and bonus schemes, across the board.