Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Calm Down Dears

I know it's been so long since I last updated. Shocked myself when I checked to see that last date... note to self. Must do better! News? Yes, there is some - not so sure I can remember it all straight off. Erm, the biggest story of the day is that I've been off the chocolate for seven straight weeks and have lost nearly two stone. No chocolate, no processed sugar, no Mochachinos - and a lot of cycling. I'm up for the Cornwall Tor this Sunday - 100 miles on the road bike over the hardest stretches of the north and south coast roads. This has been the goal. It's such a tough course, I can't say with any real confidence that I'm going to nail it - but at least I feel a million rupees compared to a couple of months ago. In truth, once the decision to lose weight was made, it's been a breeze. I feel inspired to keep it going as a lifestyle choice.

We continue to hit the Ivybridge trail - Billy going great guns. He was selected to race at the London Mini Marathon for the SW team. They raced the last three miles of the course before the front runners of the main event came through - an awesome experience. Turns out 20 yd sprint training at the football academy wasn't the best preparation and he left his mark by throwing up three times on The Mall - can't fault him for his effort. To his great relief, he's been banned from any more long distance races so that he can concentrate on footie - having just signed a new two year contract with Argyle, he's on the right track. Findog followed up with a one year and will head up to Ivybridge after the summer. Be great to all be together again. For anyone interested, Plymouth Argyle is a very exciting place to be right now with the new owner James "He's rich, he's thin, he's Harry Potters twin" Brent. Right place, right time.

Back on the beach, Easter went well. The weather was a mixed bag but on the whole no complaints. I think the general feeling is that it'll be a short season but the main peak will be very busy.

All the crew are back - Luke and Dee from Costa Rica, Paddy from Costa Coffee and Sarah from Costa Lot in the Swiss Alps. Good to have the team re-assembled.

Despite taking the new booking system all the way to having the finger on the big green button - we made a decision to back track, opting instead for a fast track. We felt that having a system that by-passed our personal touch was a mistake. I think the personal touch is a strength. 

We've teamed up with Finisterre to have a full range of their products in our shop - which is exciting. Sarah is off down to their empire on Friday to get some technical training. They've got some wicked stuff in for this year.

Beach House bookings are very strong - only a few dates left.

Surf's Up! Boardrider Max Payne, selected to represent GB at the World Junior Games in Panama has been forging ahead through the rounds. Great job and a big thanks to Kelly for all his work with him.

Okay, I feel that I've made a start. We're back on track. Expect to hear more from me on a regular basis again.