Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Swine Flu?

Oh I'm not sure what's come over me!! I'm feeling all worky all of a sudden! Nose to the grindstone, cranking out some hours on the computer, getting lots of jobs done!? What's happening?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Thankyou, Thankyou

Oh Yes, three in the bag!! We are fishers of men. Not only that but we carried out our first rescue as well! The story goes - left Rock with Billy and Fin in the rib - calm seas, small surf. By the time we got out to Pentire the wind had picked up and it was well choppy and the swell that was missing at Polzeath was clearly evident - running up from the south. We got to the Rumps, line out - first cast, three mackerel!! Boys sort out the fish. Engine off though and we were all feeling a bit queasy!! There was quite a swell running by the island. So we headed back with our catch to Rock - wind and tide against we picked our way through the big chop.

The rescue was a simple affair - windsurfer couldn't get back to Daymer against the tide - so we towed him. All very exciting. No drama - it wasn't like he is in serious trouble. 

I've realised the blog has turned into a 'life of Pete and his family' rather than the adventures of Surf's Up! - so I'm going to get a member of the senior team to come and do some updates. I make no apologies for spending the time with the kids and less time on the beach. As I said to Janey last night, we're just having too much fun. It's worked out really well though - having put in the work in the previous 14 years, because the boys are the perfect age to go on adventures with. 

Our three juniors in the Surf's Up! Boardriders division once again performed on the weekend. Liam and Max getting to the final - Rhys the semis. Those three chop and change all the time but are always there or there abouts.  

Monday, 20 July 2009

It has continued!!

I think that's our eight fishing trip without catching a fish, so I guess you'd call that, a trip!! This time following Fin's footie tournament we headed to Mousehole to fish from the harbour wall. We used Lures, Bobbers - but no, nothing! A few tugs on seaweed, but little else. Mind you in our defence we've rarely seen anyone else catch anything either. Although our neighbour Mike caught an 8lb Bass off Greenaway last week and a man was arrested for netting on the Camel Estuary. On Saturday we were in the boat for six hours - it's getting a fair amount of use. Anyway a big up to the beach team particularly Sam and Wailin for being more than good enough for us to leave the beach with confidence.

How's the shop going? The shop is going good. Last Friday was our record day. Funny old thing though - when we sold hoodies out of boxes by the trailer, people would rummage and grab the one they wanted. There was no sales process, it was quick and easy. In the shop, everyone has to try on about twenty different types and styles, look in the mirror. Same price, different expectation. Drives me nuts! Bring back the boxes!!

The new West wetsuits are amazing. The all over blue ones especially - two problems, one - you've got to be a good surfer to pull it off. Two - they don't have my size!!! I appear to have gone from a Medium Tall to a Large! They must come up small!

Swine Flu - it's a concern for sure. Hey guess what? It's raining! Stopped now! Must be scattered sunny intervals!