Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm a chocoholic

I am a bit crazy. I must be quite difficult to live with!

Chocolate is my friend, my comforter. Something I turn to whether I feel good or bad. A good night in consists of a cold bar of chocolate and a glass of cold milk ... probably with the Dave channel on. I reckon I spend about £20 a week on the stuff - Dairy Milk, Toblerone, Lindt balls - plus the mousses!

After the gig on Saturday where I just felt fat and totally out of shape, I took action. I've gone cold turkey on the chocolate. Sounds like no big deal but to me it's a mini bereavement. I reckon it's as hard as giving up smoking!!! Yep I do. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have been long days of craving. But the resolve has been strong. I'm quite good at making a decision and then sticking to it. So I know I'm not going to backtrack. The great thing I suppose is that the body craves the sugar, so I've been eating heaps of fruit which is making me feel as light as a feather!!

As we're on the subject of weaknesses - my achilles and calves.. the whole of my chicken legs in fact are hopeless. A misspent youth and overuse have contributed to malfunction and mornings are spent hobbling around the beach trying to warm up the lower legs. I'm starting to walk like my dad... and that's not good. So a Bellicon trampoline has been invested in to start some recuperation. Yesterday I did 700 bounces - a rest day today. I'm confident that this is a positive start to the new regime of better eating and getting back to fitting weight. And I'm now fully focused on the London Triathlon next August. I've started putting some time in on the Schwinn, and now the negotations have begun for getting a bike! Which is why I say I must be difficult to live with.... there's always something.

Pivotal time in Surf's Up! history make no mistake. We don't like standing still, but we've got some fine tuning to do before we can make moves in the right direction. We've just bought the MYOB mac accounting package so that I can get back to some financial management. I'm pretty good with figures, but that side of the business leaves me cold. As they say on the Dragons Den, 'Your accountant doesn't run your business, you do!"

Monday, 21 September 2009

Billy's B'day

Billy's birthday on Saturday wasn't all cake and biscuits. Firstly there was a small matter of a triathlon in Redruth. His first. Quite tricky because it was a time trial with the competitors going in three heats. So even though he won his heat he had no idea where he'd come in the bigger scale of things until the presentations. From where I was watching there were two lads in the first heat who were really impressive. I couldn't be sure they were in the same age group, even though they were. They came out of the pool together, finished the bike together and went out of sight during the final run. But they were going some. Billy had won his heat by the time he got off the bike, but he continued to push really hard on the run.

Bill's well funny. He loves trophies. Before an event he has to see what's on offer! Second place was amazing - great thing to happen on his birthday - he was well stoked. When he races he gets this fire in his belly - it's good to see. Very proud of him and his loyal supporter Fin who must have run further than most of the competitors trying to find places on the course to give Billy some encouragement.

Billy's efforts have inspired me. So I'm going to give one a go. It's cold turkey on the chocolate and it was a long bike ride on the Schwinn last night. Actually to be honest my inspiration came from a combo of the triathlon and also the evening event.

After the race I headed to Kingsbridge with the band to do a gig at a wedding - Mahoustic on tour. The summer focus was on the kids, no down side to that except that my physical being has deteriorated to a state never experienced or seen before. Shocking.