Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nearing the end

I've managed three days down at Lyme Regis this past week. The five hour round journey worth every second. Billy and Fin were jumping off the harbour wall when I arrived there yesterday - about a 12 foot drop .... and they were both doing forward flips. Which was pretty sensational. Billy puts it down to his trampolining in the winter. Heaven knows where Fin plucked up the courage. Amazing. At the start of the suumer at Port Gaverne he'd only jump off a two foot ledge and now he's fully hurling himself off some hell drops!! We finished the day with a monster game of French Boules, covering huge distances within the harbour wall.

Bank holiday weekend! Very busy. There's every chance that we'll run out of stock on Monday, which will be perfect, just in time for arrival of the winter stock on Tuesday. The shop has gone incredibly well and actually a strong August on the beach has proved useful. A lot of the instructors signed out yesterday as we cut right back for an anticipated quieter spell in September.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

When the cats away

I hate it when Janey and the boys go away. Their off on their annual pilgrimage to Lyme Regis. A chance for them to spend some time away from our beach, or the business end as we know it! I went down on Sunday and they've got this fantastic place right close to the Cob overlooking the sea. They've done alright then. We had a great day of crabbing, fosseling and aquariuming (?). This chap had the 'tamest Mullet in the world' which was probably overstated but if you frothed up the water they did come and suck your fingers. Didn't really want to leave, but needs must.

Back at base it's very quiet without them all and rather than thinking, great what shall I do now that time is my own, I end up doing very little and counting down the days!! Sad I know! I'll make another trip down as soon as I can - the beach is very busy though and it would be good to finish the summer with a bang. We're making up for a poor July with a great August. The sun is out and the surf is pumping.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Stealth gets first outing

I was quite excited taking the new Swell Stealth for it's first run yesterday. But it was big disappointment! It's going to need a bigger wave to get it going. In only a couple of feet it just bogged down and never really got going. Might need to get the tri fin set up organised. I'm not entirely sure it's stiff enough, but time will tell. Sometimes new swellies need a bit of bedding in.

Janey's taken the boys off to Lyme Regis for the week. They love it there - lots of crabbing, fossil hunting, jumping off rocks etc - fun, fun, fun. I'll try and get over there a couple of times if I can.