Friday, 1 July 2011


Scorcio! This is what it's supposed to be like everyday! Surf just coming in under the 2ft mark, but hey, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but paddling around out there would you?
Instructor Dee showing the kids how it should be done.
One of the kids showing that they can do it too!

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Today the boys were at home so we went surfing, played golf and now we're having a BBQ - you've got to love a teachers strike!

looking for stuff

Must be amnesia. Have a said that before? This evening it's a sunset photo opportunity again. So I get down to 'the stack' no mean effort with my bike, and setup the tripod! Only to discover that I've forgotten the camera! Raced back to get this effort.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mini Tsunami

Did you know we had a mini Tsunami down here in Cornwall yesterday? - I think it was more South coast and about seven inches in height. Explained by an underground landslide they think, but we're not sure.

It's been a good day - I've found two things that I lost on the weekend, my dongle and some cash. I seriously thought I was starting to suffer from amnesia. I found my dongle in my trouser pocket! And the £30 turned up in my shoes. I've been wearing them ever since I lost the money on the weekend. Only last night I was wading around in the rocks pools in them whilst trying to get some arty sunset photos. Janey spotted the notes in the sodden shoes, out drying on the doorstep this morning.

I spend a lot of time looking for stuff!
Surf this morning? A bit like my second serve - a weak affair, going in all directions with no real power. New balls please.

Billy jumped on the bus for his first induction day at Wadebridge School yesterday. I doubt he was the only young fellow getting on board full of anxiety. "Awesome!" was how he described it. Not sure who was more relieved, him or us.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My Babies

Some years are better than others when it comes to staff. This year, I think, is the best! And I don't say that lightly. A good mix of old and new, just some really nice people that you actually want to work with and who are keen to work. Keen to share the workload and get stuck in. You'd think that would always be the case, but alas it isn't.

In the photo above we have Megs and Paddy. Both have come through the Surf's Up! Boardriders. Both have been to France, Portugal and Bali with us - and I am so proud that they're members of the instruction team. Fantastic.

Behind them is the office (Surf's Up! HQ) or the sauna as it's known on a day like today! The sun is out, all is well.
Here the lovely Emily - Emily used to come for lessons with her family and now she's an instructor. She's been on one of our Bali trips as well. Great to have her on board.

Busy day today! And sunny. Bit breezy, but we'll take it.

Monday, 27 June 2011

A Bumpy Ride Ahead

There is this theory that if we knew what we knew today (science) when we first began walking about on the planet, then there'd be no such thing as God ie the people of the time had to think of something or someway to explain their existence. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time until variations on the theme were put about. Since then it's all been a bit, well a bit messy what with all the wars, crusades and genocides. Where would we be without religion eh? Do we have to have spiritual guidance to be able to have respect for each others beliefs and do good towards others etc ? I'm not saying I'm right, but I would say, no. You can do all of that without restriction, without spiritual guidance.

Following a similar argument, I'd like to put forward my theory on roads and cars. That if we had the technology that we have today re. making cars, then we may not have felt it necessary to build silky smooth roads. Do we need a good road to get from A to B in the quickest and safest way etc? I'm not saying I'm right, but I would say, no. You can do all of that, without silky smooth roads.

There's got to be a better way hasn't there - in Cornwall some of the roads are in a terrible state. There are some near here that have recently been repaired and filled and are now even worse. It's a never ending cycle - and a massive money pit. Repair is not a long term solution, but you have to think that there could be one. Take away the expectation that the roads will be silky smooth and we'll see a new type of vehicle emerge - it could work. No more money on repairing the roads - but invest that cash into developing the cars ( or some other mode of transport) to cope with the uneven surfaces / on roads that may not be flat as yer 'at. We need a long term solution. Might save billions in the long run, billions that could be pumped into paying pensions for example. It's not as if we can use the current car's abilities in the Cities anyway ie. speed restrictions and traffic. We have the roads laid out to get us from A to B. So that's a great start, if we're looking for a starting position. And I think we need to.

If the government announced today that there would be no more funding in new roads or repair, what would happen? Apart from road blockades (ah ha, playing in to our hands!), the car manufacturers would find a solution. You only have to look at Formula One as the example. Every year the big wigs change the goal posts to make the cars slower, and every year the technos break the track records with their new creations - because they have to. They have to be competitive to survive in an industry that is incredibly adept at adapting. That's the game. So why not get rid of silky smooth roads and see what they come up with. Might be fun.

It's my belief that the current economic climate, gives us the opportunity to look at some of the ways we live our lives on a very fundamental level and reassess the way we do things. The facts are: there are too many of us, there's not enough of us working to sustain those that don't, we may well be adversely affecting the planet with what we do and how we do it, and we may run out of food. Not good. Bad in fact.

My point is this. There's going to be a short fall on pensions. It's inevitable. but it's only now that there's this big hoohaa. We should have seen that coming thirty years ago and taken action back then. I'd like to see a government that really thinks outside the box and is brave in making changes, focusing on the long term good. A government at this watershed moment that seeks to be populist will be disastrous for us all if they think only about the short term and the next general election. Unfortunately, the general public will never allow change on a fundamental scale no matter how high the stakes. You can only imagine the Facebook campaigns. "Change? Us? Now? Never!" And yet, we're the generation that needs to make it happen and take some hits. If we don't, we, our kids and their kids will be in for more than just a bumpy ride! And that would be ironic don't you think?

Don't forget you heard the solution to the worlds problems right here! From Surf's Up! HQ - no photos, no thanks necessary. On first reading, you'll think I'm an idiot - but once you've mulled over my 'road theory' it won't be long before you appreciate the genius! You'll be sat there in a traffic jam and it'll be a eureka moment "He's right you know. This road under my rubber wheels doesn't need to be silky smooth!" It's okay for you, I have to live with this genius everyday.

Surf's Up! - offering world solutions to world problems!!

Two Soups

Remember the Julie Walters 'Two Soups' Sketch? Every time Janey and I go for a coffee down at Torpoint (when the boys are training on the weekend) I'm reminded of it. If the two old waitresses get to our table with any of the brown stuff actually in the mugs, it's a miracle. Get's me every time. You couldn't make it up. So funny.

Surf's Up! Boardriders this evening. Surf has deteriorated throughout the day but the boys still seem to find lips to smash! Here's Max Payne making the most of what the sea has to offer.

Chicken and Egg

I see we've done a deal with China re. Poultry exports. This is eggsellent news (too easy) - means when we take delivery of our new hens at the end of this week, we are free to export their best efforts. Love a bit of special fly, me.

Which reminds me, my sister and family have just returned from the land of the long thin noodle. Bro in law got a transfer to Hong Kong for two / three years, so they upped sticks and headed off. Think it's all good and they're having a great time. Great experience. They're back in Cobham for a few weeks before heading down here for the summer break. All our kids are of similar ages, so they have a ball. Looking forward to a catch up before they head back in August. Then we're all meeting up again in Lanzarote for Christmas.

The weather alert has risen to a level 2! Risk of heat stroke, sun burn etc. Where's that then? Not here that's for sure. Yesterday, yes. However, the only risk at Polzeath today is of nasty case of the sniffles. sniff, sniff.

Jane Norman have gone into administration - noticed they were all shut up on the weekend. Not that I buy my clothes from there. A middle aged lady on the escalator was making noises and pointing at the 'closed' sign. Teachers on strike - okay, we'll cut them some slack as the ones we know are really good. Public sector pensions completely out of step with private sector though. By the time most of them actually retire, they'll have to be a new scheme in place as there's just not going to be enough money in the pot. And that's not rocket science. One more thing - global interest rates have to rise, says latest report from boffins. Oh, don't like the sound of that. Here ends my economy report.

The 'Booking Pattern' remains intact. A hot sunny Sunday, will be quiet in the office. But come Monday, it's summer booking mayhem. Hence the reason I'm still here!! Oh and that I forgot to write down a booking for 37 peeps this afternoon. I'm on the naughty step. Code Swan everybody, Code Swan!

All the Single Ladies

Tickled into five scoring waves this morning - mainly backhand as it goes, good for the soul. Haven't been in for a while - you'll be glad to hear that none of the magic has been lost! I feel cleansed. Saw Kelly in the line-up, "Compress dude, reach!" I banter with him. It's a drizzly affair as you can see from the photo. But that's a good thing, can keep the crowds at bay. Unlike yesterday when the satellites must have defaulted everyone's sat-nav, sending them all in the direction of Polzeath. As much as I love tourists, can never manage a whole one.

We headed in the opposite direction. Football training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint. Had lunch on the grassy bank at Mount Edgecumbe, where we watched the boats sail by. Never been there before, it's going on my list of top ten places in the South-West. Can't believe you can walk around the grounds for free - nice touch. Special place.

All the single ladies, all the single ladies. All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Put you hands up.... la dee dah. Beyonce, that was a good show - enjoyed a bit of Glastonbury. This will make you laugh - there was a ginger chap who sang an acoustic song, at the place where the presenters do their chatting, wasn't sure of his name but wanted to find out. So I googled the following - 'Ginger, acoustic, Glastonbury' - turns out his name is Ed Sheeran! Not sure why he's missed my radar, but he's on it now. Oh look, he's number three in the charts! Must get with the times. 'A Team', do de do dee dah da - very mellow - got it on youtube as I write. "You, er, you going to be playing that song all day?" asks Rach very politely. "Just one more time Rach. Just one more time! For angels to fly, angels to fly..."

Which reminds me, we've got a gig coming up on Friday at Carters. Keeping the Pyramid Stage dream alive.