Friday, 9 March 2012

Big up the boy

Billyman's been selected to represent the SW at the London Marathon - looks like they run the last three miles crossing the finish line just before the main runners get home (unless they have a slow day and get caught by Gerbreselassie!). Should be a fantastic experience. At his age, twelve, you can be the fastest at both short and long distance, but as the body moves onto the next growth phase, you have to choose one or the other - all to do with training the slow or fast twitch muscles apparently! At the Football Academy, they monitor growth religiously and fast twitch is where it's at, so this will probably be his last race over this distance. His footie's going really well and they have spoken - they really want for the best for them! Janey's off with him for a match at Bournemouth today, Findog plays them at home (all home matches are played at Tavistock). One day in the not too distant future I'm sure we'll have a day where we're all together!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Is that a record?

This beauty popped through the letterbox this morning! What do you know.... the old certificate from the Guinness World Records!! Five years I've waited for this (I've been keeping busy otherwise)... five years! Do you think that's a record? I reckon they print them, then leave them to settle. As you can see there's a good head on it! I'm not complaining about the tardiness, in fact I'm really rather stoked. I'm gonna get it framed and hang it on a wall (which wall, to be discussed with Janey)!

It seems a long time ago, that paddle. I trained hard for it, was super fit. Now as I look down upon the balcony above the toy shop (ie Belly.. credit Alfie Moon), I can see deterioration in a once supreme being. The six pack is now a big one pack. The pecs... moobs. Age catches up with us all in the end. What am I now - 45? Forty-five! It's the little things I notice, like yesterday I left the confines of our part-time accommodation in Ivybridge and ventured into Exeter. It was hard enough walking past the winter weight cotton rich flat front corduroy trousers in the formal section of the Marks and Sparks menswear department, (dark blue obviously, one shake is rarely enough these days), without being lured by The Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I'm not going into that City again! I might come back looking like my Dad, and he's a champion lawn bowler. It's a look, but not the one I'm after.

Here's a photo taken last week of the Harvster, one of the original Boardriders. He's just come back from NZ. He ripped before he went, he rips even harder now! Found working in TJ's at Polzeath (under new management). There's a lot of Boardriders who now work on the beach, either with us, in the cafe's, in the surf shops. I'd like to think that we had a little hand in encouraging them to live the dream.
Easter just around the corner. Let us know if you need some lessons or hire (07760 126225), it's shaping up to be a busy one. And if you need somewhere to stay, don't forget the Beach House - few dates left. Oh and what I should announce is that we have a whole new range of kid and adult hoodies coming in for April! No need to go shopping in the City!
ps thanks for all your book suggestions - awesome!