Saturday, 2 April 2011

Back on the Beach

I've absolutely no idea how busy it's going to be over the Easter period, what with a Royal wedding thrown in at the end. I'm pretty sure some people will be taking a whole load of time off work to make the most of the bank holidays. There's a few people on the beach today who've decided to make an early break for it. Word on the street is anywhere North of Newquay will have a good season, but people are not booking any further south because of the fuel prices. Makes sense I guess.

We're back on the beach full time from today. Normal service resumes. Hold onto your hats, time to get it on.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Billy's eyes were wide as saucers. "That was insane!" he stated. To be fair, on the father / son bonding scale it was an eleven. The tube we were on had stopped, engines off. "Ladies and gentlemen, there is an unidentified package in train ahead. This service will been terminated until further notice." Damn - we had to get on the 1.06pm from Paddington to get Billy back for footie trials at Plymouth. That gave us 30 minutes.

"Okay, let's go". We emerged onto the streets at Westminster. Taxi! We hailed but no one stopped. Must have been my road bike that I had in tow. Okay, think, think, think. "Right Billy, hop on." Somehow both of us (with backpacks) got onto the bike and we began what was to be the most extraordinary half an hour I can ever remember.

"Stop" said the policeman outside Whitehall. You can't cycle on the pavement. We got onto the road. Manic would be one way to describe it. I'd come up the day before to stay with my Mum in Cobham and thought it'd be cool to cycle from Paddington, so I knew that getting through central London was really not that great. And here I was, two up on a bike with Billy cycling through Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch rushing to catch the train.

We missed it by two minutes! Damn again. "I can't believe we just did that!" We collapsed in exhaustion. Hey ho, got the next train and eventually arrived at the training ground one minute early! What a day. It'll go down as one of those adventures that we'll always remember. Off the scale. If only they'd known at Plymouth the effort that went into getting him there for training. Some commitment to the cause. Funny thing was, Billy had his best training session yet. Must have been the adrenalin!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It's all gone Larry Grayson

Do not adjust your screen - it really is that grey out there. But just look at the fun to be had!!

We had a very good meeting yesterday. It's so important that we keep evolving, especially with all the experience we've accumulated over 16 years. But we feel it's time to have a complete shake up of all the courses we offer - from top to bottom. So we discussed that yesterday, and I think we all came away excited about it. Each year we do a bit of tweaking, but I think we can run with more than a tweak.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday Morning Wave

No complaints about the day - sun's out, 2ft glass. Couple of people in having some fun. It's been Polzy at it's best these past few days.

Not that we get to see it! Seems we spend most of our time in the car. Plymouth three times a week for Billy's footie (he played against Bristol Rovers on the weekend 2-2). Fin's footie is also all over the place - Bodmin, St. Austell and Truro. Thank goodness we got rid of the Landy! This week Billy's on a residential school trip up in the London, but I've got to get up there to bring him back early for footie on Thursday. So much for a life on the beach!