Friday, 4 September 2009

Wapshot hits the big 60!

No, it's not Nick's birthday!! How often do we get mistaken for each other - has it's advantages, oh the fun we could have with that! Nick is our photographer extraordinaire - and has done a fantastic job this year. We have a deal - provide a brilliant service to our clients and you can keep all the wonga! Sweet - and it's worked really well. So far he's displayed (along with his beautiful assistants Suki and Emily) 60,000 thumbnails on the boards. 60,000! Nearly 3,500 sheets of A4! That's insane - we need to review this relationship - recession, what recession! I've no idea how many photos he's sold, all I know is that the clients have been very happy. And that makes us very happy. He works hard for it and only rarely takes a day off. Covers a few miles running up and down the beach too.

don't mess with the lanterns

We thought it would be great to set off a few of those chinese lanterns at the staff party on Tuesday night. But it was bit blowy!! We got one inflated okay by hiding behind the new office but on release it caught the wind and dived into the nearest tree which promptly set alight. Much hilarity and throwing of water over each other ensued.

Many, many funny stories have come out of the night. The one that made me and Janey laugh the most was Luke, who had had one too many. At the end of the evening he decided to walk home. On his way he decided that actually he wasn't going to make it unassisted, so he rang his mum, at 3am. Clearly she wasn't best pleased. But here's the thing when she arrived to pick him up, there he was standing motionless, staring into a bush on the side of the road still wearing his pink cowboy outfit. He couldn't get in the car on his own, she had to manhandle him in! Can you imagine driving passed and seeing all this going on! Hilarious.

Here's Lukey on the left - earlier in the evening! Hmm - the writings on the wall!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bali Booked

Booked up our Bali flights yesterday! Totally stoked. Billy and Fin were very excited yesterday when we told them. Of course they've been hearing about Bali every since I took a group of local surfers over there a couple of years back with Wailin and Kelly. As well as being an amazing surfing destination, it's such a great place to go as a family. We're staying in Legian, just up the road from Kuta and a stones throw from where the Surf's Up! Bali trip is based. I like to have a focus for getting fit, and this is just what the doctor ordered. Yoga, Pilates, gym and surfing obviously surfing - a full campaign starts right here.

Kids go back to school today. I think they're ready. What a fantastic summer it's been with them - loved every minute. September is always a very special time when you work on the beach. It's a really nice come down from the pressures of the peak season. A lot of the hard work has been done, but now we can ease up a bit. Normally we'll get a period of good surf and weather about now, which coincides with the water temp being at it's highest - it can be the best time of the year for surf. So fingers crossed. The staff who managed to get wet yesterday, following the staff party (not many had the energy to put a wetsuit on!) had an epic session in overhead punchy waves.

So now the focus changes to finishing up this year and then looking towards next year. We've got meetings this week with Sam, Wailin, Kelly and Mikey. All good stuff.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Grab the horns with both hands

One of the funniest staff parties we've ever held. The 'Western' theme inspired by Sam and Wailin brought out the creative best from the team. And then came out the rodeo bull!!

All the photos will go on the surf school gallery v. soon.