Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Old Trafford here we come

I have to admit to being super excited about this coming weekend. I said to Billy last night, "Wouldn't it be terrible if we forgot you! Yes, I'm sorry. Billy couldn't make it! Anyway let's crack on." We're heading up to Old Trafford where Billy's been invited up for a training day. So he's going to actually play on the pitch, how cool is that? Had the itinerary through yesterday. Sounds like they've put together the most amazing day for them. And the Man Utd PR machine is in full swing! Jane's Mum first saw his curly locks in the Bristol press.

We went to a meeting last night to officially sign papers etc for Plymouth Argyle. It's all very serious stuff - and exciting. Question - "There's a stadium full of 75,000 kids of your age. How many of those kids will go on to make it as a professional football player?" Answer - Seven and a half. Question- "Apart from your family, what's the most important thing in your life" Correct answer - School. "And the second, most important?" A. School. "And the third?" School. It was all good stuff. Lots of advice about lifestyle, sleeping, eating... if they're going to invest time and money on the youth, they want a return. As parents, we too had to sign the contract to agree what our commitment would be. Not that that's in question. What they're trying to establish is that being signed for Plymouth doesn't mean you're going to make it, but you have the opportunity to, if you do all the right things. And they'll give him all the help he needs. He's in very good hands.

Did I mention that I'd shaved my legs (for cycling)? I believe I did. Top tip - don't do it! Feels like sleeping on a bed of nettles. But did take 5 mins off my Polzeath to Ivybridge PB last night, silky smooth legs is a good placebo. For the record - 55 miles, 2 hour 38 mins, average speed 20.3mph. I can get from Polzeath and across the Tamar Bridge in under two hours now (with the promise of a choccy bar on the Devon side), which is a big improvement. Getting some miles in the legs for the Ironman (a year and one week away). The target - swim - one hour, bike - five and a half hours, that leaves three and half hours for the marathon. Ten hours is the target. So I reckon I need to be working towards a Polzeath - Ivybridge time of 2 hours 20 mins by this time next year. Hm, might need to shave those arms.

PS. None of the above has anything to do with surfing or the surf school! Just chit chat, that's all. Just a bit of casual chit chat..

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Blue Flag

Polzeath has been awarded the Blue Flag, one of only five beaches in Cornwall and 32 in the UK! That's pretty cool.

I quote "The Blue Flag is a guarantee to visitors that the beach has excellent facilities, is litter free and has achieved a high standard of water quality."

Monday, 9 May 2011

Itchy and Unsightly

Itchy and unsightly - and that's just my legs. I've decided to join the ranks of 'proper' cyclists by shaving my legs. I'll be honest, I don't have the best looking legs. My varicose veins, or 'worm casts' as my boys refer to them - not that pretty. But the reduced drag should eek an extra 5 seconds off my time to Plymouth! After last weeks debacle of punctures, blow outs and falling head over heals in the petrol station forecourt (it was mighty slippery, it hurt.. a lot, and it was busy "I'm fine thanks").

Now let me say a word about Swansea. Billy had a match against Swansea City FC - and what a match it was. Some really fantastic footie. The highest quality match Billy's been involved in - he played really well. Plymouth lost 1-0. Anyway, point is we decided to make a weekend of it so checked into a hotel on Saturday afternoon. Tried a quiet getaway, but in the Foyer was Sam's (beach manager) brother. What's the chances? He used to work for us but he's a Barrister now! We loved Swansea - sun, sea, surf, great footie club, brilliant sports facilities - loved everything about it.