Saturday, 15 August 2009

It's a Party

Tiny and Olly (of Ollypop fame) got married last Winter in OZ. Last night they held a party to celebrate with all the english contingent. Mahoustic hit the stage much to the disapproval of the older generation. I say disapproval, one or two did venture from within the confines of the house to the marquee where the action was. We've got a lot of time for Olly and Tiny, good people. A fun night.

The dolphins are in the bay again - they seem to be camped out here at the moment!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Couldn't believe it!

So last night we've got a full boat. We'd been everywhere fishing, looking for Dolphins, watching the seal - my boys and my sister and her kids were all loving it! On our way back from Port Quin the natural path back to Polzeath is to head between Pentire and the Island. Now on the best of days there's a strong current running. So anyway, we're chugging along and these two people start waving at us from the cliff top on Pentire. We wave back. But one them keeps his arm raised. We kind of clock this and think that something doesn't seem quite right. Then we catch sight of a person in the water. A young girl, 25ish she's treading water and waving about 100 metres from the rocks. Stunned we go over and pick her up. Okay so she along with her mates had scrambled down the cliffs at Pentire, had swum out to the island and then two out of the three had made it back, whereupon the two had scrambled back up. The girl said she'd been in the water for four hours!! Maybe the adventure had started four hours earlier - who knows?

But she was totally cool, slightly chilled even from the water temp, but it wasn't like she was going under. Whether she would have done give more time - who knows. But talk about a ridiculous plan!! I cannot even begin to understand what they were doing. Not smart, not clever. But all ended well - bit of a story, few red faces. No one hurt and that's the main thing.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Failed Again

The Dolphins were out in the force again yesterday, right in close at Polzeath. Which was great as we'd timed going in the boat at about this time. Loaded up the kids, Janey and Sue and then full speed ahead to the mouth of the estuary. But to no avail - saw no Dolphins and coincidentally no shooting stars with the low cloud. We did get the ringo out though which the boys absolutely loved.

Staff end of season party coming together nicely!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Setting records

It's quite possible that yesterday was a record day for Surf's Up! - a combo between school and shop. Which is pretty incredible during these tough times. 

Time to start planning the end of summer staff do. Will liaise with the team but we've got a few ideas in the pipe!!

Went surfing for what seemed like the first time in ages first thing yesterday. Tickled into a few 3ft - the old magic was still there!! I've ordered a custom made Swell board. It's similar to the old design which was much narrower in the tail with less volume on the nose. It's a one off black stealth edition with a yellow lightning bolt. We're looking at a unique fin set up as well. Can't wait to get it out at Serengan!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

It's a Weird World

A couple of very surreal experiences yesterday - went into a mobile phone shop to sort out an account issue and the assistant spent half an hour on the phone to Orange having a huge row.... he was the only assistant in the shop, customers came and went and listened to the conversation. Totally bizarre. And then as I walked up the High Street (Newquay) I passed the Games Workshop - Billy and Fin have started getting into Warhammer so I thought I'd take a look. Now that's a totally new world, all the kids in there deep in battle across tables strewn with little men, battlements and tanks. They seemed to be enjoying it. I nearly got the giggles when I asked the man behind the till for some advice. I'm 43 - I had no idea what he was going on about!!

Then it was off to Looe with the boys to throw long bits of nylon with weights and hooks on the end into a River. Some people call it fishing. This Bass is proving very elusive - we'll get one one day and when we do there will be much excitement. Even with the guidance of some helpful locals we pulled up empty lines, time and time again. Oh well, boys enjoyed it. Fish and chips in the minibus and then home.


Sunday, 9 August 2009

One Hundred Dolphins in the Bay

Yes, so there were one hundred Dolphins in the Bay. One man in his boat tracked them and they swam around him ... a baby one even ventured towards the engine and the mum came and nudged him away. Another boatman caught so many mackerel he was throwing them all back in.

So that was their boating experience. I took brother in law out on the boat yesterday for a spin. We were out at the same time as the aforementioned seafarers, in the same place - and we neither saw dolphins nor caught any fish!!! Humph - only found out about all the activity when we returned to the pontoon!! Gutted. Within two hours were had the kids loaded on board to go in search of fish, big or small. Once again we found neither. Oh well, really cool to know that the Dolphins are around. I'm sure we'll get to see them soon.