Thursday, 1 December 2011


Shall we get the business stuff done first? Yeah - and then that's done then isn't it? We've put together some Surf's Up! Christmas Combos - some unbelievable combos actually of hoodies, lesson vouchers, mugs, calenders etc that Santa can slide down the chimney with easy peasy. No need to grease the big f
ella up. All the bud ticklers are on there for a butchers click here (very amateurish Pete). Ooh, fancy! And! And the Beach House is still free for Christmas up until the 30th December - sand in your toes on Christmas Day, it's what dreams are made of.

Now for a quick fire round-up!... firing, what a period of swell that was! Pretty well unprecedented in my lifetime.. and I'm long in the incisor. Overhead glass - all the spots were dropping bombs for what seemed like weeks and weeks. Here's Sam below, at a secret spot (that everyone knows) tucking into a sweet right. When I went down there to take this snap there were a few students camped out in tents. I thought, if you're going to participate in the 'Occupy' protest, then this is the spot to do it. Smart kids. I approached the mob with well constructed discussion points. But as it turned out, they'd surfed until midnight under the light of the full moon. How cool is that? Unfortunately I've been out of action with a bad neck, something to do with bouncing on a trampoline 50,000 times and getting a bit over-confident with what I call my 'Beetle Spasms' - you lie on your back and throw your arms and legs skyward at the same time - great for abs, turns out it's rubbish for necks. I think I must have gone a bit high. I was, to be fair, excelling!

Anyway, November 5th was a nightmare! Hiss, bang, whoosh and all I could observe were the ohs and ahs and the tarmac at my feet. Very disappointing - nothing better than a good bombette in my opinion. Physical update - neck better, belly a bit chubster.

And on we go. Stay with me team! Our life has been thrown into a small amount of turmoil. Our eldest, Billyman aged twelve, big curly mop has this unwavering dream of making it as a pro footballer. I know, we live on a beach, how ironic! He plays for Plymouth Argyle (stop that! the youth set-up is pretty strong!) and the closest school that can realistically help him achieve this goal is in Ivybridge at the footie academy where they have a small group of players who train intensively during school time. We toddled along for a chat thinking that Billyman would go there in a couple of years time, but they said that he should start straight away - so one week later, he did! Now we didn't see that coming! So we've rented a place in Ivybridge and myself and Janey take it in turns to be up there during the week, one of us staying in Polzeath to be with Fin, our eight yr old, who doesn't have a curly mop but who is also football mad - I know, don't say it......! So it's a bit weird, but Billy's really getting stuck in, and you just have to do what you can do to help them on their way. Everyone's happy.

Nothing changes with Surf's Up! - in fact, a change is good, and I feel more energised being away from the beach for a couple of days a week than I did being right on top of the business all the time. Cabin Fever. And I'm loving the cycling up on Dartmoor, although on Tuesday I felt like a contestant through to the final stages of Wipeout. I thought I could beat that weather front - but it wasn't to be. It's seriously brutal up there, even on a sunny day. The open space is great for blue sky thinking.

Surf's Up! shorts - economy looks a bit shot, we made a commitment to our clients this year to hold prices, we were one of the only ones to do it. The intention remains the same for 2012. I can't see us putting prices up. I've noticed lots of up-selling when out and about.. "Would you like a Muffin with your Mocha?" "No thanks" "An extra shot of expresso?" "No thanks" "Would you like to sign my Grandmothers birthday card?" It's all getting a bit out of hand; I've recently discovered the world of the Dongle, it is a good world that opens doors. All praise to the dongle; our chickens are troublesome, more specifically Jalfrezi who has the genes of Ranulph Fiennes.. nothing is too high to scale or too far to venture, trying to find her is an exploration in itself; Mahoustic, the Surf's Up! band is making a final appearance of the year at Carters tomorrow night (friday) looking forward to strutting my stuff; and finally, my favourite radio programme 'Just a Minute' is coming to the tv to celebrate it's 45th birthday, this makes me very happy. And on the basis that I've hesitated, deviated and no doubt repeated myself, I suppose I should call it a day.

Don't forget Christmas is free at the Beach House, there's lots of great Surf's Up! pressie combos in the on-line store and if you want to sign my Grandmother's birthday card, you know where I am!

Seriously, the pleasure was all mine.