Sunday, 6 June 2010

New designs big success

Tee shirts have historically not been great sellers - not entirely sure why? However, the new ones with new designs and colourways have been flying off the shelves.

Peace and quiet

The beach has returned to normality following a sensational Whitsun. Just great for everyone. Funny that Pirate FM did a report saying that Cornwall businesses were saying that numbers were 10% down - maybe that's because they were all here. When you get the combo of surf and sun there's no beating it - and that's what we got. People were calling the surf yesterday, the best ever. Even past instructor and former Western Oz surf champ Mick, reckoned it was one of the best he'd had at Polzeath. 4ft, maybe more on the sets, super clean with great banks.

Britain got Talent - Big up to Spelbound, brilliant and so understated. Where do these people hide?! As the Janey Cutler? You just start when you like love!