Friday, 3 February 2012


You guys think I have it easy. You try choosing between these two benches to sit and contemplate from! There, not as simple as you might think! Walking the dog, always a pleasure, never a chore.

Now these beauties are on the other side of the beach hanging from the cliffs at Tristram. Six footers don't you know.

Great response to the iSurf training - well beyond our expectations. Time for me to do some work!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Best Seat in the House

Is this the best seat in the house?

Fresh down here on the beach this morning. Slippy too, little icy patches catching out the unaware. Fortunately I'm like a mountain goat, nothing there to trouble me (no-one was watching were they?). We've got a couple of foot on the sets, looks lovely. As long as you've got your thermals on, it's a day from the top drawer. Hey, how cold was it last night?!!! My woolly socks managed a complete 24hr without removal, that's how cold!

Surf's Up! Pipeline:

Our new surf school booking system will go on-line next week. Just running through the final checks as we speak. Really happy with it. What it'll mean is that you can Fast Track - book the lesson time, fill in a few details, tick the disclaimer box, make a payment, then when you arrive, you'll be up and away. No hanging around, sweet as. Use the system and you'll get the best offers too and reminds of your lesson time the day before. We really are that good.

The big new development that we're very excited about is iSurf Training. For 'young adults' who are doing D of E, work experience or about to look for full-time employment we're offering a skills / education / employment based course. This is my bag and run by me - with so much experience, pioneering and humour to share, it would be a crime to keep it all in!! Personal surf coaching sessions (hoorah!) combined with relevant work related training (boo!). It'll be fun, but it'll also be hard work. I'll put you through your paces. I'll also be sending you on your way with a much improved CV and a resolve to hit the next phase of life, with confidence and a steely resolve. You can stay in our flat, 5 mins from the beach, so I can keep an eye on you!! - (previous hamster cage cleaning experience not necessary).

If you want to rub shoulders with genius then just give me a shout on

5 day (weekday) - £250 including accommodation
2 day (weekend) - £180 including accommodation

I think that will do for now. We're open for Feb Half term and there are a few dates available for the Beach House this year (07760 126225). Looking forward to 2012 what with the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee.