Monday, 2 July 2012

Climb Every Mountain

Just call me Pete 'Pantani' (not the Italian Bread) - I was like a mountain goat up those steep climbs on Sunday. Shall we summarise - 900 riders in the 65 miler and I came in ......... 19th!! Oh ye of little faith. Janey was in tears at the end - (part hayfever, part supporting on a stretch of road for three hours that I didn't pass!!). Three hours and 43 mins - yep, pretty stoked with that! The call from Team Sky is now well overdue, the Polka Dot vest mine if they choose to slide me into the team for the weekend - I'm happy to support Braders in his quest for Yellow if needs be. Here's a little snap below of your main man in action, note the focus and determined look of a performance athlete! Those cyclists in the distance are eating my dust. I was in the zone man! Note to self - fix rear brakes, you don't have any!

Okay so you're not the slightest bit interested in my cycling endeavours? We'll move on. Today we have some surf. Chest high, light breeze - and no rain. Well not right now, we did earlier. If we believe in the law of averages, which I do, the summer holidays are going to be stonking - ninety degrees, head high, light offshore... you can quote me on that! Still quiet on the beach with general traffic - school groups are keeping our heads above the pulpit. Speaking of the Olympics (we weren't) can I remind anyone aged 17 or below that you can enrol on our Junior Scheme when you come along for lessons - Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates awarded for achieving the appropriate levels. Do three or more lessons and it's a freebie, from us to you (07760 126225).

That's it - another slow news day! I'm off to find out if Janine's baby really is the half brother of the Crazy Frog. Ring ding a ding, ding, ding.