Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pumping at La Santa

Bit more top to bottom than Polzeath! Actually, I think this is the heaviest wave I've ever seen! Just pumping - no-one out!

Staying at Club La Santa, which is in a world of it's own. A world of Lycra in fact! Everyone is either running or cycling or swimming - it's incessant! Today we've been cycling, windsurfing, swimming, rowing, canoeing, footballing.. and that's day one! I need my bed now!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Surf report for today

Only a few in the line-up - 3ft, fresh south-easterly. Looks like loads of fun.

Monday, 7 February 2011

One of the first Foamie Fests - but not the first. Never forget that one as the rain never stopped! Here's some of the local crew about to head down for their heat!
From the left Janey, Bully and Smithy
This must have been taken during our first week on Polzeath in 1995. As Janey said, "Wow, looks like we were really organised!" Doesn't always feel like that now.

Yes, still ploughing through loads of photos for the book. Think we might make some headway on it on hols. La Santa here we come! One more sleep.


And so to the surfboard pack! Why do I feel that I should take extra care bubble wrapping the boards for a Ryan Air short haul flight as opposed to a Singapore airlines long haul? Haven't flown with RA before - seems good value on the face of it, until the extras are factored in. For example, if you want to sit anywhere near your own kids! When they were younger, I wouldn't have cared - "dude you can put them where you like as long as they're not near me." Flying with toddlers - I'd struggle to find a positive, not a joy for me. But now they're older, the in-flight entertainment keeps them happy for a while.

The weekend? Urm, footie followed by footie. I got quite involved in Billy's under 12 game. "Come on Ref!" I screamed as he let another foul pass by. He shouted something back.

Back in the clubhouse, the ref came up for 'a chat'. "I was playing advantage. Your team had the ball." he stated. "That wasn't my point! That was the number 6's third bad challenge within as many minutes. He'd kicked the ball off and pulled a shirt. He was a thug and I'm not sure why you didn't have a chat with him. These kids need to learn." I said calmly.

"Number six? That's my lad."

"Great player that number six. Great player." I went off to get a cheese burger.

Tough tough game. The boys won 3 - 1 and lead the Cornwall Premiership. It's a very hard and close league - there's two teams with games in hand who could draw level. It's going to go to the wire.