Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The British Firework Championships down at Plymouth were pretty cool last night. Couldn't believe how many people were there! Thousands and thousands! It's on again tonight 9.30pm.

Janey's staying down in Thurlestone for the week with the boys - I stay behind to keep an eye on the empire. With a good team behind us, I'm able to travel over most days. Don't really know that stretch of coast that well, but loved North Sands and Salcombe. Oh and we went to Quay West in Paignton. Quay West is the number one water park in the UK! Exactly, I didn't hold out much hope either. But much to my surprise it was really good, loads of fun. We've been to water parks all over the world, and if the way you judge a water park is fun per square inch, Quay West does it for me. Because the rides are short, twisty and fast, banging your head on the side is a given. Cool thing is you can wear wetsuits - pure genius.

Speaking of genius, two other nice surprises this week (slow news day) - David Sedaris, listened to him on Radio 4 - that man is hilarious. And Captain Flint's in Salcombe - pizza and pasta family restaurant. With a queue forming down the road at 5.30pm prior to opening, you know they must be doing something right. Highly recommended - great food, but more importantly with kids, quick, quick service and delivery of grub.

Back to the beach - the mixed bag of weather has not been that great. But then again, not too bad either. Surf's been okay. It's been quieter at the surf school generally this summer - we're cool with that. The shop on the other hand is doing great, well against the general trend on the beach I'd imagine. Not that that is relevant. We've put together some really cool Surf's Up! branded gear this year, and it's really apparent that whereas we used to just sell our hoodies etc just to our surf school clients, the shop is as popular with those who are buying the gear just because they like what's on offer, those who have seen others walking around in our stuff and come and find our shop. I think that's very positive and one reason why we're bringing the on-line shop right up to date. It's definitely opened our eyes as to where we want to go with it.