Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pumping glass

What's happened? Pumping glass again today. Head high glass. Didn't get a snap - here's one of Big Sam from last week. He's a charger!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Follow Your Dream

It's been all go back here with some pretty big decisions being made. Last Friday, myself and Janey went up to Ivybridge to find our more about the school and more importantly, the Football Academy... thinking that this might be a great place for Billy to go sometime in the future. One week later and Billy is enrolled (starts on Monday) and we've rented a house up there. Findog will be staying at his school for the minute back in Rock, so we'll be doing the back and forth, taking it in turns staying up in Ivybridge and down here at Polzeath. Could be a crazy few months while we work it all out.

If you've got a dream, then give it your best shot, that's our view. The Football Academy allows those with a dream of playing professionally to put the time in during school time - it's quite unique and we're totally stoked that Billy is getting his chance. The fact that he's prepared to leave his mates and go to a new school mid-term, speaks volumes where his head is. Also with sweeping changes being introduced next year re. football academies, now is the right time to get the foot in the door. We're really excited for him. Can't believe it all came together so quickly - but it all just fell into place like it was meant to be.


Big Sam makes the most of a three week non stop swell pattern ... it just goes on and on. Sean who owns the Vanilla Coffee shop in Polzeath tucks in to a sweet one - both photos taken at a local secret spot. I say secret... it's a secret one that everyone knows about just a short walk from Polzy. Happy days.