Friday, 4 December 2009


Billy's got his Christmas play coming up in which he plays an old woman. I was in Bodmin yesterday with Janey when she said she just wanted to pop into the charity shop to get something for his outfit. So we pop into the Salvation Army shop and she carefully choses the least fashionable, old person style trousers, shirt and cardigan - perfect for the Billyman and his Panto. I was by her side when she approached the till. "Would you like to try this on?" said the shop assistant. "Just to make sure it fits!" I nearly wet myself. I got the giggles bad and it was only through a lot of cheek biting that I managed to resist from blurting out an inpromptu belly laugh. As I left the shop I could tell from Janey's face as she proceeded to check out that she too was desperately fighting the inner giggle demon. Funny, funny, funny.

Ebay - well we've been having some fun with this. "If it hasn't been used in a year then it's going!" I announced. And to be fair we've shifted a whole load of stuff. It becomes quite addictive! The trouble is I'm rubbish at packing and that's a bit of a chore! The garage and store room is slowly clearing though, which is a good thing. We're off to Truro car boot to get rid of a load of other stuff this weekend. Having a good old clear out is very good for the soul!

Morning meeting with the team. we have a new regime to make sure that we make the most of the winter. So we meet every Friday morning and come up with a plan for the next few days - then we meet again on Monday afternoon to see how everyone's got on. The nice thing is when we hit Easter next year, we're going to be so far ahead and so much more on top of things than normal. The boys, Wailin and Mikey still fit in their surfing, but being more focused and working as a unit is definitely much more productive. JD continues to come in and hassle me over accounts - oh how I love accounts, but I still love her! On Monday we're all off to Plymouth for a meeting and then a bit of a staff Christmas lunch. No two days the same down here!

Monday, 30 November 2009

A wet weekend

Golf on Friday was a wet affair! But standing on the 12th tee looking out across Daymer Bay and beyond the Camel Estuary, Stepper Bay and the Atlantic - I had to pinch myself. Such a stunning stretch of coastline.

My back is a bit better now! Picking up a towel off the floor on the first evening at Centre Parcs I twinged it, and several days have passed where saying hello to my toes has not been possible. A visit to the Osteopath made it worse, but today, ten days later it's much better. "Keep moving" was the advice. So a combo of cycling and golf have helped a bit to get it going. Yesterday we took the boys down to Portreath, to a place called The Track. It's an off road bike centre, BMX track, dirt jumps etc. The weather was so hideous in the hail storms that no-one else was there. The owners were about to leave but said we could have a go while they packed up. How much fun was that!!? Fantastic - the boys were loving it.