Friday, 14 October 2011

One thousand bounces a day, that's what I've been up to! This is it - the big push to once and for all cure the achilles, calf and hamstring issues that have plagued me since senior school. The kids trampoline is where I'm at (best £199 at Asda we ever spent) - it's all lift and separate. 1,000 lifts followed by 1,000 mid air separates as it goes! Janey wasn't impressed with my attempt at a Pike Jump - apparently the legs are supposed to come up, rather than the head go down. It's all going rather well although I have to confess I might have developed a bit of a mince with the improved tightness. I noticed my arm even swinging gayly when out walking the dog last night. The target is 50,000 bounces, then I should be ready to attack the coast path like a Mongolian goat handler. Training notes - buttocks rising, moobs falling!
This is the picture today - all a bit Larry Grayson. Do not adjust your screen, it really is that dull. But the surf's okay, couple of feet on the sets, light offshore. No complaints. The weekend forecast looks much the same.
To the business end - the Beach House is available from today for a 2 - 7 night stay 14th - 21st October and also from the 28th October. Sleeps ten right on the beach - from £550. If you're thinking of staying next Summer, chop, chop, only two dates left - 29th June - 6th July and 8th - 13th July; Our new surf school on-line booking system will go live in November - will make everything nice, easy and more importantly, check-in quicker when you arrive on the beach. You'll even be able to buy Cornish Dollars! We think of everything.
This is a just a fly-by. Enjoy the weekend - I'm off to buy a handbag!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Putting in the miles

Janey toddled off to Bournemouth on the weekend with Fin for his footie. We're making the most of the boys away games - just a shame one is always away whilst the other is at home. I was at the home game for Billy. Bristol this coming weekend.

Quiet on the beach now - but lots going on back at base. It's accounts time and Janey for the first time in Surf's Up! history has got me stuck in to them. Quite enjoying it as it goes, but don't tell her that! Anyway, definitely cranking up the brownie points as we speak. And working on quite a few things for next year, including a new booking and check-in system, which will go online in November.

Any other news? Not really. Did 1000 bounces on the trampoline and 100 lengths in the pool yesterday. Might tickle a bike ride in a minute. Trying to build up the calves and achilles for a spot of winter running and maybe a crack at the Ironman. If I get some injury free running miles in over the winter then I'll have a bit more confidence in making the final leg. Off to La Santa in Lanzarote for Christmas, can't wait.