Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tender - no new, is... no news!

You'd think after the 200 + letters that I've had cc'd to me, copies of the letters e-mailed to the council clearly expressing concerns about the new tender proposal, that we might have heard something? (200+ that I know about, there would be many many more that I don't know about). But, no! It's time for another...hm. Perhaps a longer one this time... hmmmmmm. Disappointing to be honest. I've been looking at the council contract procedure rules and I have to say that my eyebrows are in the fully arched position. See what you think.... let's start from the very beginning, a very good place to start: I was informed of the tender by our competition; the tender allows for 14 working days (that's council working days, 19 if you run your own business - I think it should be 36 days under the procedure rules absolute minimum) to assemble a document for the next 7 years; the dates in the adverts in the paper differ from that on the tender document; I've not received answers to my questions or calls returned which has made it really difficult to make a valuation of the site or complete by tender document; the main man is on holiday: and the document has to be submitted by Friday latest which is a bank holiday - I quote 'the deadline for the receipt of tenders cannot end on a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday.' Are your eyebrows in the full arched position too? Hmmmmmmm.

Your response has been quite phenomenal. It's been a watershed moment. You've made your views known to the council. And here's the thing - the letters are not copied and pasted from mine. They're long, considered and well argued from people who have a long association and love of Polzeath. I think it's been incredibly positive. Without any intention in doing so, what we've created for free for the council is a market research document that gives a clear vision for the future. 

You still have today and tomorrow left to make your views known, please take the time to write to david.attwell@cornwall.gov.uk and jolyon.sharpe@cornwall.gov.uk if you haven't already and please don't forget to copy us in. Don't worry if you get a message saying they're on hols.

As for us, we're burning the midnight oil, eating lots of cadbury mini eggs and drinking lots of mugs (cups aren't big enough) of espresso because even if we believe the actually tender process is flawed, unless we hear otherwise, we have no choice but to press on with the tender application. It's important. It's our life.

In the meantime, it's business as usual. Easter is upon and we can't wait to see you. We just want to get on with doing what we do best - and that's teaching willing students to take to the surf and ride a few waves. Simple really. Give us a call on 07760 126225 to book your lessons.

Thanks once again for your continued support.