Friday, 26 November 2010

Close - but no Cigar

9am this morning. Lovely - Wailin's in the water, can't quite see him in this shot. Oh for a wide angle lens, the rainbow was framing the beach perfectly.

Now what's all this on the news last night? The great Plymouth Argyle have been hit with a winding up order from the tax office! NO! I'm sure they'll sort it all out. My boys train at the Centre of Excellence. The coaches are brilliant. For any kid living down here with a dream living of making it as a pro footballer (we have two!) then it's the path they have to take. As far as Billy's concerned his future is already mapped out - couple of seasons at Plymouth before heading up to Man Utd. And why not?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

No Snow!

No Snow - not yet anyway. Feels like it's a comin' - it's settling up on Bodmin Moor, we can see the white tops. Word on the street is that there's panic buying up at Tesco! And it's so cold, the local flasher's been caught 'describing' himself to passers by! Brrr!

What I always do during times like these - is slip into my snuggerly wuggerly toastie woastie Surf's Up! Hoody! Not only do I keep warm, but I do it in style. Available in all good Surf's Up! stores. The perfect Christmas gift for the one you love! Or alternatively, the one you're going to be sending out to chop the logs! Yeah all right Janey, I'm on my way!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bringing home the shiney, shiney!

With a trophy up for grabs, Billy was always going to be up for this one. One of the most coveted titles in the World (well South West! Okay Cornwall). Ladies and Gentleman, 'Born to Win' Champione 2010 - I give you Billyman - whoah! "Bring home the shiney, shiney" I said to him as he set off to take on the best sporting juniors in the region. Schools from around the county put forward the cream of their crop, and following a few weeks of training, assembled down in Budehaven to go head to head for the individual title - They were tested across a broad range of sporting skills including strength, dexterity, speed, eye - hand coordination etc. And Billyman won! The first time it's been won by someone from this area - very cool.

We know when Billy's gearing up for these events. Over the past few weeks he'd sneak out of the telly room, the door would close and then we'd hear the swish of a skipping rope and the boom, boom as he practiced his squat thrusts (one of the events today in which he managed 55 in 30 seconds! - that's some going!). I love the saying, "Champions are made when no-one is watching". I wish I'd had that resolve at his age! Who knows, I could have done something with my life! Anyway, we're really stoked for him.

I didn't realise that the student riots have been inspired because local shops now refuse to accept cheques for pot noddles! (A. Driscoll).

Monday, 22 November 2010

A Potter in the Midst

We've taught millions of celebs over the past 16 years - well maybe not millions, but certainly our fair share. And our policy is one of privacy. It's no big deal, come and do some surfing - we're not going to ask to have our photo taken with you and sell it to the paper, no matter who you are and how much to help to promote us, that's not going to happen. And I think the attitude is appreciated, which may explain why we stay in personal contact with many of them. I'm going to mention one name, only because it's quite interesting, it was a good while ago, maybe seven years ago and yet it's a relevant name today. No it's not Prince William, a regular visitor to Polzeath, nor his little brother Harry who was a cheeky little chap ( I had an interesting bit of banter with ginger in the surf many years ago - I recall he was quite lippy).

Anyway, a very normal and pleasant family arrived at the trailer. The parents filled in the forms while the kids took off around the back to get fitted up for some wetsuits. It was at this time that there was a buzz, a buzz of excitement. You could sense that something was going on. You get it sometimes when a well known face is standing in the queue to check in for a lesson. But I hadn't clocked who it was. I must have been so engrossed in checking people in that I must have missed them. As time went on I got a sense that rather than the queue buzzing, the whole beach was buzzing and everyone was looking towards the surf school. Never before, nor since have we had such a reaction to someone famous at the surf school.

I went around the back to get a sneaky peak - and to my surprise it was one of the girls that was the centre of attention. Not that she was aware of it - she was just being a normal kid. She would have been about 13, something like that, changing into her wetsuit and having a laugh with her friends. I went over to her parents "We've put Emma in a small group, are you okay with that?" "Expelliarmus!" they cried! You could tell that they had a dual role now, parent and manager - but they were totally relaxed despite being tuned into the attention. I guess they were used to it. Anyway, if you haven't already guessed it was Emma Watson, also known as Hermione from Harry Potter who was surfing with us that day.

I've got to Flag this up!

Serial killer vvvvWagner lives another day - he's murdered so many golden oldies I'm amazed he's not helping the police with their enquiries. I get the anti X factor voting thing, but the point's been made - he has to go!

The Scottish football referees are going on strike. Too much abuse apparently! I can offer some real life experience to this situation! "Would you run the line?" was the question I was asked by the referee yesterday morning, some 60 seconds before the start of Billy's match against Truro. The linesman hadn't turned up - and I was the most handsome! I have enough experience to be linesman for at least half a game, I reasoned. Enough life experience to be assertive; enough football experience to be conversant with the rules. I took the flag with confidence. How hard could it be?

Much harder than I'd ever imagined, turns out. I was rubbish. It took me ages to work out that if whites hit the ball out that meant that it was a red throw and they were going in that direction and that meant that the flag had to be pointed in that direction! Rabbit in headlights - that was me. By the time I'd sorted it out in my own mind, the play had moved down the other end of the pitch. Without the flag in my hand, it would have been simple as. The responsibility of the flag was too much! And then to make matters worse and totally confuse the players, the ref and supporters, I opted for the rugby signaling method. Raise flag with one arm, point to the team who have the throw in. This is completely about face! The assertiveness drained from my body - instead of any firm confidence inspiring flag action, I offered up a very weak half up, half down, this hand, that hand, wish washy thingy, "is it.... this way?" It was pathetic. I was pathetic. I don;t even want even talk about offsides - far too upsetting! At half time I was relieved to hand the baton over! No sorry that's incorrect - that should read, I was relieved of any flag duties, on a permanent basis!

So I have real sympathy for the the men in the middle. How easy would it be to change the culture? You would never, for example, ever see a rugby player run 50 yards to confront the ref about a decision they don't agree with. And if you did they'd be up in front of the board. And yet we see it every week on the telly and on the pitch! The captain should be able to ask in a civil manner why a decision has been made, so that they have the opportunity to understand the refs interpretation of the offence, but that's it. Any confrontation and off you toddle to soak on your lonesome in some warm bubbles with a letter highlighting a three match ban! Stand strong Scots refs, I'm right behind you! Just don't give me any flags to wave!

Here's Surf's Up! instructor Megarooney ripping it up last week. ( She's back in the zone and keen to get back on the competition trail next year!