Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm no expert but that's gotta hurt!

Lycra's rubbish when you fall off your road bike and you find yourself skidding along on the your hips, arms and shoulder on tarmac at 30mph! At the same time I found that helmets are brilliant - a split one testimony to how effective they can be when your head slides across the aforementioned bit of road. Ow! That smarts!

I was heading to Port Isaac to do a few shuttle runs up the Port Isaac Hill - great for developing chicken legs and bringing on a puff! On the way, there's this downhill stretch - sweet, get in the big ring and step on it, wind behind. All was going to plan when I spotted (too late) on the upcoming corner some mud and grit. I hit the brakes but it was too late, down I went. I'd clocked my speed at 33mph just before the corner, so I was traveling. It happened so fast I didn't realise what was going on until I found myself looking skyward and my helmet was scrapping on the floor (it's a good trick if you pull it off). The following car did a good job to stop and avoid my bruised and bloodied body. Nice chap asked if I wanted a lift anywhere but when you profess to the Man Up Code, there are times when you just have to get back on the horse. Best to keep moving I surmised (although I was much more tentative on the fast downhill bits).

It's not so bad though, a bruised right side, cuts and scrapes - could have been a lot worse. The helmet is split across the side. The swelling on my upper thigh has swollen up like a big sponge and my right hip throbs. My boys thought it was all very funny, particularly when I howled like a wolf when jumping into the bath! I say jump, I mean, tentatively lower. I say tentatively lower, I mean, millimeter by millimeter immerse the open wounds.

We're off for a family bike ride tomorrow! Now where are those frozen peas?

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Too many passwords

It's been commented about my lack of blogging recently! "What are you hatching?" comes the cry. Um, well there's not really loads of interesting stuff to report. Myself and Janey hit the office in the morning and get all the officey bits done - we're working on some cool new Surf's Up! product, that takes a bit of time. Wicked beanies, towels, bits and bobs all coming soon. Wailin and the team have been busy on the beach during September.

I happened to be at home when Cameron made his speech yesterday. I thought it was quite good. He was right, when you start a business there really isn't a great deal of financial support and then once you make go of it, the government takes a nice big chunk. Doesn't really seem right. But that's the way it is. I was chatting to a friend of mine last night who runs a business that's had a very good year. Their take on all the cuts etc was that next March they'll be lots of redundancies and then next winter will be the tough one - that's the way they see things shaping up. We've taken the view that if we keep everything tight, watch the overheads then we can come out of this period strong. We definitely run a better business now than before.

Talking of fair - the BSA have set out their stall by promoting a policy of being 'fair'. Very nice in principle - but then of course, if you do what the majority want, invariably you'll end up with mediocrity.

The Apprentice last night! Dan the man - not his finest hour.
X Factor - Gamu... even if she ends up back in Zimbabwe someone's going to sign her up. I'll be buying her album - thought she was great.

ASP World Tour - Kelly Slater, can he do it? If he wins his tenth title he stands to net a cool $10 million pay out from Quiksilver. And if he nails it, he'll take his seat on the top table of greatest ever sportsmen alongside the likes of Phil "The Power' Taylor!

Sorry, not feeling that inspired blog wise today - must do better tomorrow. The sun's out, the surf's up - all is well down here at Beachland.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What? No Gamu!!

Gamu not through ... somethings not right here. She was the only one not to be shown with Dermott! Something is definitely afoot. Bring her back.

Nice one Europe!

Three punctures in 24 hours! Very inconvenient!
Surf's Pumping!!!