Thursday, 23 May 2013

Good Work Team

How are you diddling? (Too personal?) Bit breezy woo down here on the beach, time to hold onto yer 'ats! Talking of hats.... and wind blowing through you hair, it's the 13th anniversary today. "Congratulations Pete" "Why thank you." (I may well have made this anniversary up, I have). Yep, thirteen years ago today, in the morning I had hair, long enough to sit on. By the afternoon, the tonsorial artist had enough hair to stuff a medium sized scatter cushion. Gone. The long flowing locks that used to swaddle my shoulders in luxurient magnificence were chopped in a manner that I can only describe as, ruthless. Once the first sweep of Wahl clipper had been made, there was no going back. Although to be fair as the first sweep had gone... from mid eye brow, to crown, to middle of back of head, there wasn't a great deal of trimmage required such was the lack of follicle decollage. Hence the reason for the number one in the first place. Studying still warm 6 x 4's from Boots of a recent trip to South Africa, the choices were clear: Reverse Mohican, Sweep over or chop. Chop it was and what a liberating experience it was. Never looked back really.

Hairs inside my head still beat a path toward a better life in the sun. These days, however, they gather at the entrances of my head holes. They wait until there's enough of them and then in the dead of night, they break cover via nasal and aural passages. Why I'm talking about this, I have no idea!!! I could go on. No seriously I could, but you're busy... we need to move on.

So what's new? What's news? Firstly, big pat on the back to our three instructors Paddy, Luke and Dee for quite probably saving a member of the general public in the surf on Tuesday. Paddy, who was coaching a school at the time, spotted him staggering back in the shallows. He watched as the man collapsed and lay face down in the water. Paddy chased over whilst calling for assistance from fellow Surf's Up! instructors Luke and Dee who were nearby. The man was taken away by air ambulance to Treliske where a full recovery was made. Full story in the Cornish Guardian here. Text book. We have an amazing coaching team on the beach this year, all favourites from last year and a joy to be around. Spirits in the camp are high.

Following the incident I wrote a personal letter to the Chief Executive of Cornwall County Council. I wanted reassurance that changes to beach policy are undertaken with consulation from those who work on the front line and understand the issues, rather than by those who lack experience and qualification, but still get given a title and responsibility to make decisions that affect us all. We work in a challenging environment that needs respect. The events of Tuesday and those in the estuary just over a week ago, are timely reminders that this is a very, very serious business. The council have made a complete 180 degree reversal on policy that isn't a trial for year to see how it goes, but a commitment for seven years. That's an awfully long time for the Chief Exec to have to hold his breath.

On Saturday we're hosting up on the decking of our Beach House, the Finisterre sale. Can't wait. Their clothing is top drawer, love it. If you want to grab yourself a bargain, this would be your moment. As well as innovative jackets and wooly jumpers made from their own sheep, they also do an award winning range of merino pants that never smell. I can testify to that. If you turn them inside out and put them on back to front, you know, mix it up a bit, it's incredible how long they'll last between washes!!

Surf's looking good for the bank holiday weekend, particularly for beginners and improvers. If you're around during the week, you could see some of the big stuff too. Lessons are everyday at 10am, 12pm and 2pm - 07760 126225 - pre-booking highly recommended.

Also, last minute availability at our flat - from Sunday 26th May, 5 nights - £250 including 5 surfing lessons. Would suit anyone looking to get some boxes ticked for their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. 

My work here, for now, is done. PC... MD of surfing empire!