Friday, 16 September 2011


The chickens have excelled themselves today, six eggs. Four chickens, six eggs! Okay they can stay! Here's Nora.

Findog holding Nugget, Nora looking on, Drummers bottom on right.

Tour of Britain

Stoked with this photo! The Tour of Britain rolled across Dartmoor yesterday. With the likes of Hushovd, Thomas and the main man, the legend that is Mark Cavendish in the line up, it was a must see event.

There's Cav, as I know him (!), in the white colours of HTC sitting in his usual low position, keeping out of the wind. It's a strange spectator event. You sit on the side of the road for two hours, the tension builds as motor bikes and support vehicles start to come through, then you see the helicopter.. by the time the riders arrive the atmosphere is electric. And then they're through, quick as that. Actually we were quite lucky that there were two break away groups - so we had at least seven minutes of action!

From high up on the Dartmoor, I then went over the Exmouth to see the final sprint. Exactly the same build up - it's pretty awesome. Loved it.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Decisions, decisions

The surf has dropped off a bit this morning - still a good size mind and it's cleaned up heaps. We've had a meeting this morning about next years clothing range and yeah, quite excited about what's in store (or will be in store). Few new ideas bouncing around and some blue sky thinking - inspired by the sun's re-appearance. My head is spinning!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It's been too long

It's been too long .. and to have all this humour inside and not share it with you guys. It's selfish I know.

The forecast was "Great Expectations". What we actually got was more, "Wuthering Heights!" The spin off from Hurricane Katia had the potential, in combo with a good spring tide, to create quite a stir at Polzeath. We moved the trailer off the beach two nights in a row in anticipation of a 'biggy'. But in reality, apart from observing the disconsolate man staring into his BMW as if at the round window of a Zanussi ZWG (should have shut your door mate, one more spin cycle, then you can stick it in the drier!) - there was little to cheer about. The highest surge just about reached the top of the beach. 'Much Ado about Nothing' I'm afraid. (You'll notice I'm taking you on a tour of 'book titles that I know' collection. Did you know? I got an 'A' level in English even though I never read the book, Middlemarch - the principle novel of the exams. Genius - although to be fair the grade was poor! There's a lesson there somewhere.)

Of course, if you want to see the last real storm here at Polzy and you haven't already seen it - - you won't believe it. And who's that handsome, young man?

Surf's Up! Shorts - last weekend I headed off to Swansea with Findog for a footie match, we stayed there over night. Went to the local water slide place, but had no shorts. Had to buy a fine pair of drawstrings! I looked just like my Dad. None of you were there were you? Phew! : Billy's started Secondary School - all seems to be going well. I remember when I was at school, admittedly a long time ago it used to really bug me when kids would bring in notes from home (NTC - not to change) to say they couldn't play games. I tried taking one into Chemistry once (NTC - not to chemistry) but was forced to do the periodic table. Not fair! : first couple of weeks of September have been surprisingly busy considering the weather, it's all been a bit Kamizakee (bit of a nip in the air), surf's been okay though : sold those last remaining wetsuits in about 5 mins : few Beach House dates available back end of September and early October if you fancy coming on down, best price, best price, you wan cheap watch? : off to see the Tour of Britain bike race on Thursday passing over Dartmoor, looking forward to seeing how fast they really go : Kelly Slater remains the man to beat on the ASP World Tour, can he really win 11 titles? Amazing.

Our chickens have laid some eggs - we're getting about two a day, which from my point of view, balancing work / reward ratio, is poor quite frankly. But they're sweet (and sour), that'll be the marinade I wash them in at night or as they know it, 'bath time'.