Friday, 13 July 2012

The Surf's Up! Towel has arrived!

Let's checky out this little puppy! The all new Surf's Up! Towel - guaranteed to dry all your parts after a hard day's surfing; or a nice hot bath. You choose... multi functional! Comes in a cute little package!


I've just looked at the forecast and they've given a 70% chance of rain today! 70% eh? When I rose from my deep slumber at 5.30 this morning, I peered out the window and there was the most amazing rainbow framing the beach as the weather front moved in. It's been pouring ever since and on that basis I raise you to 100%. It would be nice to see a shadow on the beach again soon, please. Anyway I've left the team on the beach to do their thing whilst popping back up to the house to check on Bradders and his assault up the Col de la Madeleine. Since 1995 when we first drove our little Honda Civic on the beach pulling trailer complete with ten boards and a few wetsuits, there hasn't been a year like it.... or even close to it. But spirits remain high and we remain hopeful that the real summer is just around the corner.

So what exactly does go on... I hear you cry, down at good ol' Polzy when it's like this. Well actually quite a lot.... we've been flat out. We get loads of school groups, both local and further afield at this time of year.. particularly exciting has been our involvement with the Yr 6 schools transition programme and the Olympic activity weeks. Superb in concept and execution... so a big thumbs up to all the teachers and Heads involved in making that happen.

 We do our bit when it comes to Work Experience - over the past two weeks we've put over thirty 'young adults' through their paces. From assisting instructors with lessons, helping in the shop or office, or taking photos.. we've done our best to keep them on their toes. Here's a photo of some of them above, a really good crew... what makes a good crew? Hard working, being intuitive and enthusiastic - it's all about doing the basics well.
A while back I got nominated as an Olympic Torch Bearer, on behalf of Surf's Up!, for our work with kids. I didn't get the final nod, and thought nothing of it until I saw Jedwood parading through the streets of Dublin, flame held aloft. It was at that point that I was overcome with much bitterness! I was alright up until then! "Let it go, Pete. Just let it go!" But we do our fair share for 'Charidee' and the kids - yeah man, we're down with da kids - and we're proud of that, innit.
Another snap of our work experience, taken by our work experience. Modelling some of the new stock, which even though I say it myself, is awesome. Make sure you pop into the shop when you're next down and feast on the abundance of new goodies including the solar powered wobbly flowers - hm, not wobbling that much right now! I went down and stole a blue lightweight zipped hoody only this morning with the new SU EST'95 logo on the front. Nice. Oh, and the all new Surf's Up! towel is arriving next week. Very excited about that.
Best go and check on Bradders. And fire up the torch of a million candles, we'll get those petals a flappin'.