Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Hope you had a good one and are frothed at the prospect of pushing boundaries in 2015. Has a good ring to it....2015, don't you think? The numbers seem to sit nicely together. 2015... yep, I like it.

Did you get in for a splash and dash over the festive period? There were a few good days to shout about. 

Do I have any news? Yes I do... this is our 20th anniversary! How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that I drove the trailer on to the beach for the first time in 1996... actually it doesn't! I feel quite a bit older. The knees don't bend quite like they used to; my belly and moobs aren't under my control anymore; I have to wear designer face furniture to see anything within arms length; who knows where I've left the car!! I've taken to long walks to stem the tide, dog walks. Miles and miles I go. Did Twenty miles on Tuesday. I hadn't meant to... thought I'd walk up the river until I could find a place to cross. Eight miles in and I committed to the task in hand. Doesn't do anything mind... makes the knees achier, the tits saggier and the eyes runnier! But I do love it. 

My boys have been getting pounded in the shore break.... here's a few of their momentoes! Lots more of their stuff on Instagram

South Milton / Thurlestone on a stormy day... awesome beach cafe here.

Bantham... looking towards Bigbury

A gnarly one at Bantham... when it's on, it's on! Such a great wave... but oh so busy! Polzy has nothing on this when it comes to overcrowding. I turned up there with the boys just before Christmas, overhead, light offshore breeze, perfection.... except there must have been 150 people out the back sitting in the line up. Carnage! Billy went in, but came out after having caught only a few citing, well citing carnage! 

It's all quiet back here on Polzy Beach. The super bank to the left at the top of the beach has returned and redirected the stream over to the far right. A deep fast flowing stream following the recent rainfall... not seen it like that for a while. The bend cuts deep into the sand. The surf today is big and choppy... good for fish, and chips. It's sunny though, oh no it's not, yes it is. The weather's changeable.