Friday, 20 July 2012

Blue Sky

Here it is - on the right hand side you can see blue sky clearly breaking through. And by all accounts it's here to stay. Come on!


Drop Fin off at school...tick; drive to beach....tick; Double Espresso from Cone Zone..... tick; catch up with Wailin at trailer... tick; Double Espresso from The Galleon Cafe.. tick...... the morning ritual is complete and with four espresso's inside my temple, I'm good to meet the challenges of the day!

Last night I had a chat with the 'Big Man'.... not the coach driver who drove us for 24 hours to our Italian ski resort all those years ago. He was a very big man indeed. "Passengers, if you look left. And now right," he directed us over the intercom as we crossed the river. Something of interest to see?.. turns out it was the start and end of his daily fitness regime. It was obviously working, as he had a fat neck. He also bizarrely had shaven arms and legs? Pretty sure he wasn't a professional cyclist or ever had been. Some said he was a tranny... I couldn't make the connection with the radio at all, but I was young and not worldy wise back then.

No, the 'Big Man' I refer to is the weather one up in the sky. To summarise, what I said was, that I realise that he'd been through a Gobi (a dry patch) in the winter and that he's making up for it, but we think that enough is enough. The grass is green, the reservoirs full to the brim. The good news is that we've come up with a compromise, he might send in a few dark clouds with the wet stuff over the next couple of days, but after that he's happy to release the big yellow ball to coincide with the local school holidays. So there you have it... it's official, we are going to get a summer after all. A summer of sun, surf, Olympics, and this will kick off with the TDF yellow jersey. Sweet as!

Talking of fat necks. Janey has been in Shrewsbury for a footie tournament this week (that sounds all wrong - not Janey fat neck.....  bear with me). She's not playing, Billy is. Or isn't as the case may be. For he has his first injury, a hip strain that's kept him touchline bound for the past two weeks (latest news is that he's back in the game on day three of said tournament - ah, the planets have realigned again, and relax). Anyway, Janey rang me from deepest Wales to inform me that 1) she was lost and 2) she'd taken my sunglasses by mistake. They look similar. After years of abuse from the reflection of the sun stood in waist depth water, I never leave home without them. "You'll have to wear mine but don't stretch the arms, you've got a fat head!" I take no offence at this. It is a running joke - she has an 'innie' forehead and I have an 'outtie'. It's the little things like this that keep the fire burning after 18 years of marriage! Not quite fifty shades, just rose tinted sunglasses I'm afraid. Oh the fun we have! She's on her way back (currently ordering an Americano from Costa) and I'm going to meet her in Wadebridge at midday to arrange the transfer of a big fat wad to complete the purchase of the cottage in Ivybridge. (Lloyds 'whatever' TSB and C & 'computer says no' G, please take note!). So that's quite exciting.

New shop stock just in - lovin' it!

Let me big up two people - or peoples. Firstly, our staff. You might think that working on the beach is living the dream. When the sun is shining and the surf is pumping, no question. When it's wet and windy, day after day, even the hardiest of instructors need some inner strength to smash on through. We have them and they have that, in abundance. This is our best team. They want to work, they want to do their best and are a load of fun. I hope that you feel it in the same way when you come down and put yourselves in their hands. Good reports down at mission control and emails of thanks have been flooding in. Never get bored of that.

We promised you a towel, not a rose garden - these are going to fly! Yours from the shop for £20! Multi purpose - use for drying,  for shade, for whipping,  for lying in the sand etc you choose.

And secondly, if you've had any contact with the office over the past eighteen months then you'll have come across our Office Manager, Rach. Rach has had a really bad back for while. We hear the tapperty tap of the crutches first thing, well before we have a visual. A bad back is a nasty, painful business which she has battled with great fortitude for too long. She's off to get it sorted at the end of this month. Let's hope the doctors can work some magic and bring her some much needed pain relief. In the meantime, we want to thank her for her resolve and dedication to the Surf's Up! cause under what must have been incredibly difficult circumstances.

So there we go - summer is upon us and the jet stream is heading north. This is no dress rehearsal - we can see whites of our clients eyes and we are ready to rock it. So come on down, the water's lovely - let's see if we can get some spray off that tail and score some sucky wedges (07760 126225).