Friday, 4 February 2011


Well it's all going on back here - (all regular updates on Twitter First off, we have a new website domain - - if you go to the site you'll see that it links straight to the surf school. This is temporary as the new site gets built. No clues on what's going to be on it - we're keeping this one close to our chests. But it's a big development.

Surf's been pumping last couple of days. Trailer's off the beach as the water is just about reaching the road. I cycled out to Port Quin on the coast path this morning, took a few photos. Got a puncture and walked the four miles back! Of course I know a lot of people around here so there was plenty of waving as the cars drove by. Which was nice, but what I really wanted was a lift!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Looking Back

I know... supposed to look forwards and all that! Thing is, I really like looking back.. as much as I like looking forward. Is that a bad thing? I love retracing the journey. We went up to Bristol on the weekend for Jane's Nan's memorial service, and on the side table was a photo album. And in the album were a load of photos of when Edna had come over from Brisbane, back in 1996! So we saw all these photos of her time in Polzeath, one year after we started. I was stoked to see them and I'm going to get some copies soon.

Here a few early day shots with Janey teaching - used to be just the two of us. It's the corner stone of everything we do. Grassroots that's us!