Friday, 14 January 2011

Slip, slap, slop

It's been all slip, slap, slop here in the past 12 hours! "Argh, who's stepped in the dog poo!" laughed Janey as she filled the car with our boys for the school run. Urm, let me have a look at my trainer! Damn, that'll be me then. I knew I slid on something, but not on a doo doo. The power hose setting ten, soon sorted that out. And then outside the office this morning, I did a double somersault with a pike on the slippery decking and ended up on my back. Didn't see that coming. Quick check that no-one saw! Brush down, good to go! So 'slip' was the fall; 'slap' was the impact on the my back; and slop was the .......

It's been all Mart Pellow down here. Lots and lots of the wet stuff, be nice to see the shiney big ball again soon. Actually as I write I see shadows forming on the beach. Nice.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Polzeath - The Perfect Storm (re-release)

The original version I made of this film received over 67,000 views and counting. But I made an amateur error of setting up a Youtube account in my name rather than Surf's Up! - and you can't transfer videos it seems. So here's a new HD version - enjoy!

Birds falling out of the sky!

Feeding frenzy this morning - must have been a shoal of some kind of fishy out there. Not sure this video does it justice - the seagulls were going crazy!

ps. had a few issues with the video earlier! Uploaded a song off the US version of iTunes (don't ask) but all should be well now.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Not Nice

Oh, not nice out there - wind and rain. But there's one surfer in the line-up enjoying the head high sets. Best of luck too them - a fine attitude.

My New Year's Resolution - less chocolate. Looks like I'm going to have to put that off for another year!