Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mahoustic is back

It's that time, time to flex those fingers and stretch those vocal chords. Mahoustic, the Surf's Up! Rock Band is back! Here's two of us below. One is an awesome lead guitarist. The other is the weak link. I'm on the left! Tintagel surf club and a fifty year celebration is our destination on the 12th July. Bring it on. We haven't played since last September, but we've been doing the same songs for ten years... if we don't know them by now! We don't! We get by! Best tickle in a bit of practice. Looking forward to rockin' it!

Ah, me and the youngest, Findog at Bigbury. I can't be sure why I'm wearing the food bag as a hat! You get one free with every meal! He's my main fishing buddy, our exploits are legendary. He thinks that I'm the worst fisherman on the planet. He had a lesson the other day with an expert on a coarse fishing lake! I had a go to and on the first cast, launched the spool into the deep blue! I've never seen him laugh so hard. Hysterical he was. Until he realised that it was his spool and that was it for the day. I've never seen him cry so hard! Hysterical he was.