Friday, 20 May 2011

So.. not as easy as it seems!

Until the team start blogging, I'll keep the family snaps coming (that should do the trick!).
Tonight on the cliff path from Polzeath to Daymer Bay. I'm not sure bikes are allowed but considerate use never seems to be a problem. It got me thinking, if you owned one of the front row houses along that stretch - it would be mighty difficult to motivate yourself to anything. I mean, that's as good as it gets isn't it?

Wailin with some Boardriders this evening - we've got over 150 kids who come to after school surf sessions with us throughout the week. The kids are really into it this year, and have come back after the winter break totally stoked to be back in the water. Good to see.

And here's Kelly on his cliff top perch! He trains the Surf's Up! Team Riders, many of whom have represented GB. It's mostly video training, which he takes here and then reviews back in the office. Tonight we had some of the big guns that we haven't seen for a while ripping it up.

I caught up with two of our original Boardriders today in the shop - Danny Runnalls and Henry Simmons. Both really decent young men - quiet, considered - good guys. They've used their surfing to travel during year offs - Danny to Bali and Oz, Henry to South Island, NZ. It was only a quick catchup, but great to see them.

Changes - About time

"I'm just not sure I'm going the right way with it." I said to Janey as we walked around Torquay! "The Blog. I've gone off track! I'm boring everyone!" I say everyone, that makes it sound like more than one reader!

We've done a bit of thinking. As of today there are going to be big changes to this page! I'm going to step back and let the crew get struck in, because all this chat about my family etc is not really what should be on here. The role of myself and Janey has changed - we come in in the morning, do what we need to do and then leave the ship in the hands of 'management'. The long hours that we did in the early days have freed up our time to be with the boys, which suits us well - but that's of no interest to anyone else really. Now, we can only walk away from the beach with great people in place. And it's their direct involvement on the beach that will lead to our staff writing stuff that is far more interesting and relevant. All part of the evolution.

In summary, what you're going to see on this page from now on are 'guest blogs' straight from the front line. If you're lucky we might even be able to tickle one in from Wailin this morning (although he's just said that he needs to the staff rota for next week first! I think he's stalling).

Here's a couple of the bloggers...

Wailin, Beach Manager. If you've been to Surf's Up! or even if you've been to Polzeath, you'll know Wailin. Awesome lead guitarist, surf coach, manager and right hand man. He's been with us so long now that I can't actually remember when he joined - he can fill in the blanks. He's got two amazing kids - Elliot and Mabel. Couldn't have a better man at the helm.

Coach Megs - has come right the way through the ranks of the Boardriders to be a fully paid up member of the team. Great instructor, really enjoys inspiring other ladies to get into surfing, has been to France, Portugal and Bali with us. She's off to a party tomorrow night and would like to tell you all about her new dress!! I said the blog would change, I didn't say it would get any better!

Before I go, I would like to send our best wishes to John Walters. He's a local lad who's Dad runs Black and White. On Saturday morning he was cycling down the steep hill into Polzeath when his brakes failed. He went past our shop, made it partway around the corner before hitting the curb - he flew over the pathway to the Galleon Cafe and landed on the sand. He beat himself up good and proper. I heard this morning that he's come out of hospital but some of the injuries will take a while to heal. Sounds like he was a very, very lucky boy and had he not been so physically fit and strong, well let's not think about that.

Okay that's me for today - off to pick up the new hoodies. Wow, a whole blog without mention of my boys or football! Doh!

One other thing. Watch out for a new arrival on the beach - our new mascot Kooky!!

One other thing. Don't forget if you want the latest Polzeath photos - then you can see them on my twitter feed -!/petecraske - no mention of boys or football on there either. Doh!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mahoustic - One Night Only

One Night Only is, of course, a joke! Now in our tenth year (one day I'll nail the lyrics), we call every performance, One Night Only, as that was the original intention. We've had two practices, one last week and one last night, slipped in a couple of new numbers - I think we're good to go. Helps when you're surrounded by great musicians as I am. And when you get a good crowd - alcohol flowing normally works too!

Not the prettiest of days today - drizzle upon drizzle, but the instructors still managed to go and catch a few waves. There are not many days they can't find good reason not to go in.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Theatre of Dreams

Being put through their paces on the hallowed turf

I don't think any of us really took in what went on this weekend. It was all a bit dream like - that's why they call it the Theatre of Dreams ( I was out there playing in my own mind, throwing the odd shimmy, scoring in the top right hand corner in front of the adoring crowd). Billy's a foot taller today - walking out through the tunnel at Old Trafford, training on the hallowed turf.... I could indulge, but interest is probably limited to immediate family - so I won't! Needless to say, we were very proud parents.

I don't remember my name ever being written on any stadium signs!

The players hardly ever go to Old Trafford - only on match days and functions. All the work happens down at Carrington, the training centre 10 mins down the road. Time to head on down.

Manchester was pretty cool. With Utd winning the Premier League and City, the FA Cup, it was a good place to be. Spent most of Saturday in the Trafford Park shopping centre - packed and buzzing, no sign of recession. Just hasn't got any beaches.

The training centre at Carrington - the indoor astro! You'd expect Man Utd to have the best - and they do.

Billy produced his best football - Plymouth Argyle training is really bringing him on. This is where he wants to be. I'm not going to bet against it!

Made the long journey back from Manchester yesterday morning, in time to load up Fin for his training at Plymouth Argyle. A long old day in the car. All good though - his squad was cut from 20 players to 16 yesterday - he's very much in the mix.