Wednesday, 11 August 2010

When the sun it out, everyone comes out to play

Yippee doo da dey! The sun is out, the surf forecast is perfect for beginners and improvers - and it's set to stay that way for the foreseeable! Sweet as. Hey, looks like I've had the call to do a lesson this morning. I don't do that many these days - good to keep my hand in and work on the front line with the boys. We've got a great team this year - a good work ethic and they just get on with it.

We tickled back into the Creation Festival for another skate - but there was a BMX comp going on. Ended up going to Mount Hawke instead with a full crew of boys and cousins.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Cornwall tips into the Sea

I am amazed that Cornwall didn't tip into the sea yesterday. It would have been a good day for burglars because everyone, and I mean everyone, was right here on Polzeath Beach! It was absolutely rammed! The sun was out, the surf was a gentle couple of feet - just a very good surf beach day!

Here's Fin taking the drop on the quarterpipe on his scooter. What's the hardest thing about scooting? Telling your parents your gay! It's a skater joke! Scooting is massive now - I'm not a big fan much preferring the traditional four wheels and plank, but I can see the attraction. Its' fast track to getting around the ramps. Fin loves it, he's seven - he'll learn!

As for me and the kids - well it is kind of nice to be able to get away once in a while - and on a busy day it's great to be able to drive off knowing that the business is in really good hands. Wailin and Mikey managing the beach operation, Kit in the office and Tom in the shop.

So we headed up to Creation Fest on the Royal Show Ground where they had a big skate ramp set up. This a Christian festival where they have various marquees for sermons, bible reading etc - which is not our scene at all, we were there just for the skating... but each to their own. Everyone was pretty cool.
Here's Billyman doing some trick or other. Bill's so passionate about skating - he loves it. He finds it really frustrating with all the scooters around. With skating you learn to wait your turn - you do that because it's dangerous otherwise. Scooterers don't seem to follow the same rules and just go when they're ready. Bad!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Every man and his dog

Sun and surf - today is going to be very, very busy on the beach.