Monday, 9 December 2013

Remember me?

Well how dee doo dee! Remember me? Tall, dark, handsome, walks around Polzeath beach car park like I've got no knees, goes by the name of Pete.I.Am, P of the Deep Blue C? No, still nothing?! Hm..... founded Surf's Up?Paddled across the English Channel with James Cracknell (yawn)? There you do remember me. Ah bless. I knew we'd get there in the end. I know it's been so long, too long... such a naughty boy, who's a naughty boy, oh yes you are, that's it, oh right there, oh that's good....and back in the room! I was gone there for a minute! Get so excited writing these enews. Anyway, you and me, we're here now, shall we?

Let's have a little chat about the season just gone first (I've got a list of one or two official bits to mention, given to me by the Governess.. that's me orders or they'll be no mince pies apparently - let's hope that's a promise! minced meat in a pastry casing dusted with icing sugar...that's not right. That's very wrong. A Yule choccy log on the other hand is pure genius - Cadbury's obviously (Tim if you're reading....!)). So what's occuring? Thanks for asking... recently? Not much. I've had to up the maintenance routine on the hair protruding from both ear canals and the two whopper nostrils located on my face, centre mid; the chickens have put in a formal request to have their legs back; and my cones and rods function back and forth from 'what a wonderful world' to 'where am I?'.... apart from that it's all tickety boo in the growing old gracefully department. Self praise is no praise.

In summary, 2013 has been a year like no other. For starters, remember those nasty grey paper shufflers who put together a pretty ropey tender process for the patch of sand we'd occupied for the past 18 years?...well a lengthy battle commenced, (thank you for your support) which concluded in us making a break for independence. Freeeeedom, Freeeeeedom, you gotta give what you take. That's enough thanks George, now hurry along back to the park. We relocated our operation to the Beach House / Office / Decking at the end of September a decision that was celebrated by our clients who on many occasions were heard to utter "this is much better. They should have moved up here years ago!" I'll take that as a compliment. I agree. Both clients and staff are enjoying the increased intimacy of the Surf's Up! experience that the new place affords. And you know what? It's wonderful to be away from the politics of the beach. We're just doing our own thing. In hindsight, we probably should have been more courageous and made the move to independence a few years back. We bought our HQ what, five years ago, but I guess we were comfortable with our sandy base, which was afterall where it all began. We engineered the timing of the move to perfection, bedding in before the October half term... which was to be our busiest ever. A relief and encouraging in equal measure. Ironically, in the end it was the council who we have most to thank.... if the tender process had been done properly, we'd still be there now! But as it is, the business is ours, it has a greater value and we save oodles of spondoolies in lease fees. Regrets? None.

The weather this summer? Scorchio. Plenty of time to work on those white bits. Boom time therefore?.. no, not exactly. The big ball of fire lit up the sky at exactly the same time the surf gods decided to book their hols... to Bali as it goes! Despite the weather drawing visitors aplenty to the shoreline, more than for many years, that's pretty well where they remained. In July, the two consecutive weeks of flat conditions with the occasion set of ankle snappers, were not good for business. Great for Polzeath and the shops, but not what surf school owners dream of. We spent the rest of the year playing catch up.... which we just about achieved.

Despite my intense dislike of pies filled with mincemeat, let's take a few moments to run through some Surf's Up! Christmas treats that may be of interest. I'll be brief... selling doesn't sit comfortably with me!! The items that we have on offer range from surf lesson vouchers to a six bedded house.... how much you spend is obviously a clear indication of how much you love the recipient!! Buy the house, and I reckon you're assured of a good time for many years to come....

Surf's Up! Christmas goodies, all of which can be found on the website include... surf lesson vouchers (which include hoodies); Beach House weekend voucher - £350 (low season only); Christmas Beach House Break - available from the 20th December through to the 30th December, flexible dates (please ring Avian 07760 126225); and then of course, we have the usual shop stock ... hoodies, tees etc available through our website. For that special someone, or as a stocking filler, our house for sale can be found on Rightmove.... it's got sea views and everyfink..... please buy it. Thank you.  

 Okay, how are we doing? I think that's me done for now... oh, keep this to yourself... but I may be doing a bit of stand up paddle boarding..... and it's possible that I may actually be enjoying it.... a lot!! Must be an age thing.

If we don't speak before, have an amazing Christmas. We're open everyday over the holiday period (except the big day and Boxing day)... so pop in and see us if you want a lesson, hire, a chat etc....

It's been fun, love you loads, I'm off to chomp on a log,

Peeeeteeey xx