Friday, 26 April 2013

No news as yet

Nothing to report. We expected a letter from the council with a new proposal last Friday, that hasn't arrived yet. So we're no further forward as yet. We're not standing still though... lots going on. In the absence of any direction from the council we're looking at alternatives... and to be honest as time goes on, they stack up quite nicely. Really frustrating to have this going on at this time of year when all our efforts should be focused on the year ahead.

What I want to know is whether the council are prepared to bend their own duty of care considerations, risk assessments and HSE policies to drive this through in order to raise more cash. If they do, we'll operate independently. No question.

The Cornwall Council have a Beach Management Strategy - here's the link - - it's all there. And here below is the specific page relating to Polzeath. If you click on it, it should grow before your eyes!

Gig on Saturday night was great fun. Really enjoyed it. Good vibe, fun was had and I think we played okay considering a six months absence from the rock scene. But those there will be the judge of that! There were lots of smiley faces looking back at me and I take that as a good sign.