Friday, 28 January 2011

New Domain Name

Just bought a new domain name for a little project we're working. Quite excited because it's such an obvious one I didn't think it would be available. More news to come - can't give away too much.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What do you think?

We're working on a few new logos for this year - what do you think? Would appreciate any feedback.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

Perhaps the biggest scandal of this whole Andy Gray situation, is that he was paid £1.7m! Really? 1.7? Seems an awful lot to me. We've had a good chat about it all in our household, I'm sure many have. Thing is, when we go to watch Plymouth Argyle play, which is quite regularly (Come on you Greens!) - 30% of the crowd are women. It's got to be up around that figure. Times have changed and that's a good thing.

I'm a big fan of the saying "that a mistake is only a mistake if you do it twice." So I think a good heart to heart from management, a good deal of humble pie with egg on face - but then let's get back to work. I think we're learning daily how to manage this dynamic age of communication and media - which can be both constructive and destructive.

I haven't asked Janey her opinion on this yet. I'll catch her once she's finished chopping the wood. Joke, that's just a little joke.

Monday, 24 January 2011


It's very quiet today - on the surf front, in the office - just one of those 'quiet' days. Suits me fine - going off to Lanzarote in a couple of weeks. Club La Santa.. no idea what to expect. lots of surfing and cycling, looking forward to it.

We've made contact through the wonders of Skype with my sis and her family who've just moved out to Hong Kong. Did you know it costs £20 over there for a choock (chicken)! That's not a lot of chicken to the lb. Talking of chickens, Janey wants some. All the rage it seems - have to wait 'til we get back from hols before we get some in.
Here I am with the Billyman. We went down to Falmouth yesterday following his football - great down there. We seem to do a lot of travelling around the county. Walked from Swanpool to Falmouth Beach, found a massive Starfish!