Thursday, 1 October 2009

light as a feather

Lost a stone in 10 days! Feeling good baby! I said to Janey once I'm cut again she'll find me irresistible. I think her reply was, "Make sure you put the dog out!" hmm! But the home cooking has gone down a treat with the boys.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Keep on bouncing

My mate Mikey's been down. He's a legend. We're good buddies. He did the interior of Homer Park, our first surf lodge in Port Isaac. Long days and nights to get that project done but many happy memories. He dropped everything in Ely to come and manage the project for 6 weeks. He used to do Changing Rooms on the telly, and true to form the building was complete the day the guests arrived! A reference to Changing Rooms on it's own would be an insult though as he does some amazing interiors. check out his stuff

We went on the boat over to Padstow for some Steins fish and chips which were for the first time, really disappointing. That won't stop a return visit though as the average is... very high! Mikey chose to act as a water barrier on the front of the boat as we explored the Camel Estuary. I think he enjoyed that! Anyway, whenever he's around there's much laughter and ti was great to see him down here.

Scores on the doors?! I've lost 11lbs in 8 days! Come on! Combo of no chocolate, no milk, no coffee, eating healthy stuff like nuts and fruit, lots of bouncing on the Bellicon and some spinning on the bike! So much more energy. My new found stoke has led me to cook for the family two nights in a row! And true to the hunter, gatherer tradition, not just any old meals. The full fresh cordon blue approach getting every pot and pan out on display. Fin's been diving in to help - talking of Fin, Big Sam was teaching him in the surf last night, pulling him into huge waves for the little man. Breakthrough session - thanks Sam!

Big Sam's wedding this weekend. Looking forward to it. Up to Croyde in the morning for a surf comp and then back for the big event.

Much quieter on the beach now.