Thursday, 12 May 2016

New Website not that far away now

We continue to work through the new website, page by page. Really love the look of it, just need to take our time getting the functionality right. Myself, Janey, Wailo, Elle and Emma have been pouring over the nitty gritty and I hope that by Whitsun we'll be good to go for the launch.


The Surf's Up! 21st Anniversary is coming together nicely. The site up at The Point could not be better. The marquee's been ordered. The food's sorted courteously of Gary Dutton. The beverages pulled and served by The Point. Stage, lighting and PA are boxes ticked for the bands and DJ's. The Surf's Up! Band members of Mahoustic are all practicing hard, as are former Surf's Up! instructors Kit and Planty who will be entertaining us with their band too. They assure me that they sound like Muse! Everything seems to be in hand... I think!

Back on the beach we had a terrific couple of groups on the weekend. Plymouth Argyle U13's enjoyed the small but perfectly formed surf. As did Wailo's son Elliot's rugby team a better later in the day! Lots and lots of laughter and happy faces, which is what we love. And lots of juicy burgers on the BBQ.